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Ready for Your Morning Perk? Check Out These Natural Aphrodisiacs to Perk Up Your Sex Life

Ready for Your Morning Perk? Check Out These Natural Aphrodisiacs

Ready for Your Morning Perk? Check Out These Natural Aphrodisiacs to Perk Up Your Sex Life

The average person will spend approximately 117 of their 25,915 days of life having sex. Considering how much people talk about sex, that’s a surprisingly low number. Compare that to the 10,625 days spent on tech devices and it gets even more shocking.

Would you like to outrank the average human and spend a bit more time enjoying yourself between the sheets? With how stressful and busy modern day life is, getting ready for sex can be a challenge.

With a little planning and some help from some natural aphrodisiacs, however, you can make it happen. 

Keep reading to find out what those aphrodisiacs are!

Peppermint Soap

Essential oils can regrow lost limbs!

We jest, obviously, but it seems as though essential oil proponents think that essential oils are the cure to everything. But while essential oils may not be able to regrow limbs, they can help rev things up in the bedroom, particularly for women.

If you have a hard time reaching orgasm, try taking a relaxing bath with peppermint soap. Or you can get a cream or gel to use in the moment for more heightened stimulation. You could even put a few drops in your essential oil diffuser to fill the air with its fresh scent.

Just be sure whatever you buy has real peppermint extract in it. A fake perfume won’t do what you need it to do.

Food and Vitamins

There are many foods that are thought to have an aphrodisiac effect. These include bananas, avocados, oysters, and hot peppers. 

Hard scientific evidence on the effectiveness of eating these foods as an aphrodisiac is still lacking. However, there is evidence that points to certain vitamins and nutrients helping to increase blood flow to the pertinent parts of the body as well as improve the body’s overall functioning. 

Regardless, getting your vitamins certainly won’t hurt. Rather than splurging on oysters every day you can take a supplement like tribulus terrestris for convenient stimulation.


As if you needed another reason to indulge in the sweet delight that is chocolate. Of course, we’re talking about real chocolate, not chocolate flavored candy that is full of sugar. 

Chocolate contains phenethylamine. This hard-to-pronounce ingredient is important because it stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

These compounds are known as the “happy chemicals” because of their ability to lift your mood. An added plus is their aphrodisiac effect. 


Did you know there is actually a physical reason why people love giving and receiving hugs? Physical contact, more specifically skin to skin contact, triggers the release of oxytocin in the body. This compound causes people to feel more bonded with one another.

Even a simple 20-second hug can have an effect on your levels of oxytocin. Imagine what watching a whole movie snuggled up together can do!

Spice it Up with These Natural Aphrodisiacs

Ready to spice things up? Give one (or all) of these natural aphrodisiacs a try and see how it goes for you. You might just find yourself spending less time on your computer and more time getting it on!

Want to learn how to prolong the experience and get the most out of it? Check out the sex tips in this article.


The 5 Most Famous Sex Therapists of All Time

The 5 Most Famous Sex Therapists of All Time

The 5 Most Famous Sex Therapists of All Time

In today’s sex-saturated market, it can be easy to forget that sex was once a very taboo topic.

Many famous sex therapists struggled to find their place in the world. Even today, they are often met with resistance or criticism but persist in spite of their challenges.

These inspirational figures overcame difficulties to pioneer the field of sex therapy, and continue to influence it today. Be inspired by the work of these famous sex therapists.

1. Alfred Kinsey

Modern sexual psychology truly started with Alfred Kinsey. His work is so well-known that he has almost become a household name.

In the 1940s and 1950s, most public talk about sex of any kind was considered controversial. Kinsey pioneered the field of sex psychology at the time, even founding an institute for sex research.

Without Kinsey, the sexual revolution that came in the following decades may not have happened. He replaced outdated concepts of accepted sexuality with the idea that almost all sexual behavior could be considered normal from a biological perspective.

He studied both male and female sexuality and spent his career publishing books, giving lectures, and conducting research that’s still influential in the field today, making him one of the most famous sex therapists of all time.

2. Virginia Johnson

From the 1960s onward, Virginia Johnson carried the baton of pioneering sex therapy along with her husband William Masters.

Masters was an academic with a cold demeanor, but Johnson was personable enough to make research subjects comfortable. The couple contributed to the field of human sexuality with sex studies that brought them worldwide fame. Johnson and Masters conducted two-week-long therapy sessions for people with perceived sexual dysfunction.

She published two best-selling books and had a successful public career. Society did not always meet her work with acceptance, but the impact she had on women’s sexuality and sexuality in general is still felt today.

3. Ruth Westheimer

Westheimer, often simply called Dr. Ruth, got her introduction to open discussions of sex when she took a job at Planned Parenthood in the 1960s. By 1967, she was a project director for the organization.

She also has a doctorate degree from Columbia in family and sex therapy.

Her career was not entirely a smooth ride. When she was fired from a teaching job at Brooklyn College, she nearly gave up hope. But a lecture she gave not long after led to her being offered a radio show.

The show’s popularity helped her grow a devoted following, which led to her rapid career growth, including a television series and the publication of several books.

4. Padma Deva

In a world where we have such interesting sex devices as the Whizzinator and Fleshlight, it’s hard to imagine that anything related to sex could be scandalous. Modern-day sex therapist Padma Deva may be seen by some as more infamous than famous.

She is known as the sex therapist who sleeps with her patients. Intercourse doesn’t always happen, but nudity, massage, and sensual touch may all be part of the therapy session.

Deva is a professional therapist who just happens to have unconventional methods of treating patients. She helps male clients recover from sexual problems and fears that inhibit them from having normal relationships.

Her sexual activity with patients has brought lots of controversy. Yet the fame (or infamy) has also helped give her the publicity that creates success.

5. Laura Berman

Another modern sex therapist, Laura Berman’s work is more on the tame side. She works with media figures that are generally seen as wholesome, such as Oprah and Dr. Oz, to bring information about sex to the masses.

Berman has been on reality TV and has a nationally syndicated radio show in addition to having been featured in many major magazines. She provides another facet to the work of sex therapy, helping inform readers, viewers, and listeners across the world.

Contributions of Famous Sex Therapists

From history to the modern day, each of these famous sex therapists has had their own unique approach to the field.

Some research stands the test of time while other research is replaced with more modern findings. All these therapists made important lasting contributions to the field.

What have you learned from famous sex therapists, or what do you hope to find out? Leave a comment and let us know!


How to Get a Sex Copywriter Job

How to Get a Sex Copywriter Job

How to Get a Sex Copywriter Job

It’s not difficult to become a copywriter if you have the right educational foundation. However, finding work as a sex copywriter can be a little more difficult.

Because it’s a niche you will be specializing in, there are less options for sex writers than there are for those in tech or finance. However, that doesn’t mean that finding a job opportunity is impossible.

Here’s how to find steady work writing for sex-related topics:

Learn About The Field

If you want to write intelligently about sex-related topics, you need to do everything you can to become an expert. Do your research and learn about common talking points in the business of sex.

Maybe you find that a lot of people are asking questions about sex workers and phone sex operators online. Maybe some people want to know more about sex toys like vibrators, fleshlights, or anal bullets.

Start compiling a list of topics that you think would adequately serve the online sex community. Your goal should be to try and fill a void of information. If you’re one of the only people writing about a specific topic, people will flock to your website.

Practice Your Craft

If you want to find steady work as a sex copywriter, you need to hone your abilities! Never forget your fundamentals. As in any copywriting field, basic grammar and syntax skills are a must.

After mastering the basics, you can start to practice writing for your chosen niche. Try reading other sex-related copywriting online so you can get a feel for the tone and style required in the field.

Build a Portfolio

Once you have a grasp of what goes into writing sex copy, it’s time to start building a portfolio of clips to show potential employers. Very few companies will hire you if you don’t have writing samples to show them.

Try your hand at writing a sex-related piece even if no one is paying you to do so. Some potential employers might even be impressed with the initiative you are taking.

Market Your Services

Sex copywriting is a niche that not every trained marketing writer feels comfortable trying. You can use this to your advantage.

Create an ad that communicates your credentials and post it on as many job networking sites as you can. Facing any sort of competition is much less likely in the sex niche as it would be for other niches.

Find Clients

Always look out for potential employers. Keep an eye out for as many job websites as you can and be ready to apply for any openings.

Once your get your first client, you’re officially a professional! Using the same process, you can now start building your client base and growing your business quickly.

Success as a Sex Copywriter Takes Determination

However, success does not happen overnight. As a writer for a niche industry, it might be difficult to find work at first. Once you get that first job offer, your earning potential and prospects will increase exponentially.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more tips and suggestions!


12 Signs to Know You Just Had Amazing Sex


The feelings while having a sex is out of this world! You feel extremely charged while having a sex. When you start loving your partner your heart starts racing extremely fast. The pleasure makes you unable to think or even catch a breath.

Image Credits: Shutterstock

Not sure if you had good or great sex last night?

Here are 12 signs that will help you to discover how your experience in bed with your partner was. Although we believe it’s totally dependent on your gut feeling. However, observing a few apparent signs would make it easier for you and your partner to enjoy your love moments more.

12. You Have A Strong Appetite:

Even though sex is a lot of fun and hard work. It will drain your energy and might make you really hungry. Feeling hungry or thirsty after sex is a good sign that you’ve both given all your effort in making the most of it. Also, consider it a great opportunity to make a sandwich with your partner.

11. You Feel Tired In A Good Way:

After having a sex you’ll be sweaty, exhausted and in dire need of catching a breath. You may feel tired or sleepy, but believe me this will be the most comfortable tiredness that you might experience. Feeling tired or sleepy is a sign of incredible sex. Some couples also take a short nap together soon after having a good sex.

10. You Feel Fresh And Can’t Stop Smiling:

While having a sex your brain releases love hormones known as Oxytocin. When the hormones are released it makes you feel cuddle. This cuddle hormone also helps in making your skin radiant. Having a good sex is equivalent to a good workout, which will leave you flushed and maybe even a little blushed. If you keep on smiling and thinking about it, then it’s a sign you had great sex with your lover.

9. Your Heartbeat Is Excessively High:

If your heart rate stays high after having a sex, then consider it as a good sign. Your body loved the emotions and feeling of sensation produced during sex. Even though you’re done with sex, your hormones will allow you to recall all the tingly emotions and memories.

8. You Feel Like Sleeping For Long:

It’s completely fine if your body wants to sleep after an amazing sex. It’s a continuous workout of your muscles and you put in a lot of effort. It now requires rest and may want to take a long nap. Your mind is simply responding to the tiredness it feels. Also, when you wake up after a good nap, you will feel extremely fresh and relaxed.

7. You Have High Self Esteem:

After having an amazing sex, you are gear up emotionally. A good sex has the power to make you feel confident about yourself. This is one good sign that you can observe in your partner also. A happy mood can be easily seen on the face. You and your partner both have a high self-esteem and feel really rejuvenated.

6. People Seem Tolerable:

One amazing thing about having a good sex is that it really affects your mind and well-being. You feel good and positive about yourself and the people around you. You are no longer bothered by the little issues of life. You start ignoring the negativity. You start focusing on positive things.

5. Apart From Your Body, Your Mind Is Also At Peace:

Amazing sex also has great impact on your mind. It turns your relaxation mode on. Consequently, a healthy mind helps you function actively and better at daily activities. You start accepting the challenges.

4. You Feel Light And Relaxed:

After an amazing sex, you might feel like you’re touching cloud 9. Since you’re already smiling and blushing, the feeling of ecstasy will boost your spirit and you will feel lightweight. There will also be time when you simply recall the intimate moments with your partner and automatically feel good about it.

3. It’s All Over Your Face:

If you have trouble at guessing or reading minds, then simply observe the flushed face of your partner and you’ll find them blushing from the good sex you both had. When you have good sex, it’s all over your face. You just can’t stop smiling and might want to share it with a close friend.

2. It’s On Your Mind:

Even if it’s not on your face. It’s definitely on your mind. Let’s accept it, you had a great time and now you can’t stop thinking about it. Some people keep recalling themselves of the good times they shared. However, this might keep your mind occupied for a longer time.

1. You Want More:

One of the best signs that prove you had an amazing sex is the urge of doing it all over again. Don’t worry you’re not greedy. You just can’t stop thinking about it, so why not repeat it. You know they say, experiences are best when relived.