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12 Things to Stop Taking for Granted Today

12 Things to Stop Taking for Granted Today

Taking for granted everything you have in your life will only leave you feeling bitter and jaded. Feeling gratitude for what you have allows more abundance into your life because no matter what you have, you’ll feel happy. In short, the more content you can become with less, the more you’ll stop taking things for granted.

Having an honest appreciation for the simple things in life will take you a long way because you won’t have to play the comparison game. Keeping up with the Joneses’ doesn’t bring lasting happiness because material things and accomplishments can’t fill your soul. Therefore, you should feel grateful for what life brings you and practice non-attachment to anything material. This way, no matter if you have $5 or a million, your happiness remains the same.

With that said, people often take things for granted in life because they’re always in the pursuit of more, not appreciating what they already have. Make sure you stop taking these things for granted in your life.

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

Here are 12 things to stop taking for granted today:

  1. Your family.

Sure, the family may get on your last nerve sometimes and make you want to pull your hair out, but they’ll stick by you during the tough times. We spend much of our daily lives with our family. So, of course, it becomes easy to take them for granted after a while. However, it sometimes takes the difficult moments in life to garner newfound appreciation for them. If you get stuck by a flat tire or lose your job, you’ll probably call someone in your family before anyone else.

Our family usually makes up a big part of our support system. Next time life throws you an unexpected hurdle and your family comes through to help you over it, make sure you tell them how grateful you are for them.

  1. Friends

Your real friends will stand the test of time, no matter what you go through in life. The best kinds of friends also feel like family because they support you, cheer you on, and want the best for you in life. Life goes by pretty quickly these days, and we can’t always make time for our friends due to our jobs, kids, and other responsibilities. However, in your free time, make sure you give them a call or invite them over for coffee and show them your appreciation.

  1. Life in general

Life deals us all different hands, and sometimes we may feel shorted by our circumstances. However, there’s nothing in life you can’t overcome with willpower and determination, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Even with all the turmoil and struggles, life is still so beautiful. When you take for granted the experiences life gives you, it leaves no room for growth or introspection about the lessons you’ve learned.

Having an appreciation and remaining grateful for life, even in the hard times, ensures that nothing can bring you down. A positive attitude helps you rise above the most turbulent and stressful situations because you know that you have all the power to conquer the storm.

  1. Nature

Most of us take for granted the very elements and laws of physics that allow this Earth to exist. Without nature, we couldn’t survive on this planet, so we ought to treat our home with a lot more respect. You can show your thanks and appreciation for Mother Earth in many ways, from picking up trash along the road to merely feeling grateful for a home-cooked meal. Next time you go on a road trip or find yourself in a forest or on the beach, make sure to cherish all the gifts that nature gives you.

  1. Love

Without love, life wouldn’t have very much meaning, and we’d all be robots. The love we receive from our friends, family, and significant others helps make us whole and gives comfort in a sometimes cruel world. You can find genuine love everywhere if you keep your eyes and heart open to it because life is just a mirror. Whatever you feel inside, you’ll see on the outside. Maybe if we all found love inside ourselves first, the destruction and hate would all disappear.

  1. Your job

We all have to find a way to make an income somehow–unless we got fortunate and won the lottery or perhaps have a trust fund. Unfortunately, most people don’t enjoy their jobs and have them pay the bills. However, even if you don’t love your career or job, you can still find the little blessings that make it worth it. Even having a way to put food on the table and provide for your family should make you feel grateful for your work.

  1. Yourself

We see an enormous amount of pressure on people in the world today, and these high expectations can put a damper on your self-esteem if you feel you don’t measure up. Give yourself some credit, though, and remember all the beautiful things about who you are. Please don’t compare yourself to others, either, because you have no idea what they deal with behind closed doors. Make sure to give yourself much self-love and care and show appreciation for the beautiful person you are.

  1. Where you live

As kids, we love to explore and get to know the world around us. When we grow up, however, our hometown starts to look a little drab and boring. We want to expand our horizons and dream of seeing new places, but we start taking for granted everything we used to love about home. Even if you live in a pretty uneventful area, you can always find something to be thankful for about where you grew up. You probably have so many excellent memories with friends and family in your hometown, so make sure to cherish them.

  1. The ability to learn new things

We came here to expand our consciousness and learn individual lessons, as well as to perform specific duties for our soul’s evolution. In life, you may go through periods where you feel unmotivated or uninterested in learning new things, and that’s normal. However, taking for granted your ability to absorb information will leave you stagnant if you don’t eventually decide to move forward. This doesn’t have to apply just to job training or career-advancing classes, either. Anything you do in life that makes you happy and offers a productive outlet is worth learning about and practicing.

  1. Your health

We only get one physical body in our lifetime, so it’s essential to care for it and treat it with respect. Taking for granted your health will only cause problems later in life when it’s not so easy to reverse the damage done by lifestyle choices. Start practicing good habits today, such as exercising, eating well, getting enough sleep, and meditating so you can reap the many extraodrinary benefits of a healthy body and mind.

  1. Your time

Many people don’t show appreciation or gratitude for their time, spending it frivolously. When you have moments of free time, you should spend them doing things you enjoy or that bring positivity into your life. It does not matter at all how you spend your time as long as it provides some type of benefit to you. If you plop down on the couch after work and spend hours in front of the TV, you probably won’t get much out of it.

Your free time shouldn’t be used as an escape from reality, but rather, a way to enhance your reality.

  1. Your energy

We all have a limited store of energy, so don’t allow people to drain your batteries if they offer nothing in return. Use your energy wisely, on people and activities that bring you joy and peace. If you spread yourself too thin, you have nothing to give to yourself and others. We can only do so much in a day, so get in the habit of saying “no” to anything that causes you too much stress. You have to put yourself first because no one else will.

Final thoughts about things to stop taking for granted

Life comes with its share of troubles, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Remaining grateful and showing appreciation for life allows you to see through a different lens. Even if the world crumbles around you, finding the silver lining makes everything much more comfortable to cope with. If you have sturdy shingles over your head, loving family and friends, a good job, clean water, and food on the table, then you have everything in the world at your fingertips.

Wanting more will only leave you feeling disillusioned after a while. So, the only way to make it out of this life with a shred of sanity is to keep moving forward and give thanks for what life gives you. Keep your mind on the here and now, and let everything work itself out, because it always does in some strange way.


11 Ways to Save Money in College (That You Can Start Doing Today)

11 Ways to Save Money in College (That You Can

11 Ways to Save Money in College (That You Can Start Doing Today)

Did you know that eating Top Ramen for every meal every day for a year would cost you under $150?

While it’s the staple of college kids’ meals, you don’t have to ditch your meal plan and load up on noodles, because there are plenty of other great ways to save money in college.

11 Ways to Save Money in College 

Here are 11 surefire ways to save money in college that you can start doing today!

1. Budget

While it may seem boring, this is one of the key steps to saving cash.

Making a budget for yourself is one of the key ways to save if you’re wondering how to save money as a college student. Taking a little time each week or month to create a plan for where your money is going will help you stay frugal and responsible. 

2. Housing

Housing can be a pretty hefty cost for most schools. While it’s normally nothing compared to tuition, the place and type of housing you select can still greatly affect those college payments. 

You can commute from home or somewhere cheaper off-campus if you are able to avoid paying your school. If you don’t want to commute, having a roommate (or two!) usually always lowers the cost of housing, as well as choosing between suite-style rooms or communal living styles. 

3. Transportation

Where you go and how you get there can also be a great factor in your college costs. You have to find what works best for you in terms of public transportation vs. having your own car vs. carpooling. 

If you are living on campus, considering carpooling over having your own car can save you tons of money because of gas and insurance. Plus, you get to make new carpool friends!


Filling out the FAFSA, while it may be tedious, is a great way to determine how much money you can get in federal aid. It takes some time, but is worth it in the long run if you’re hoping to get some financial support that way. 

You also only need to do it once a year, so it can’t be that bad to bite the bullet and fill it out when the time comes around. 

5. Books

Saving money is one of the benefits of renting textbooks compared to buying them full price. Both have their positives as you’ll get money by reselling and you’ll save money by renting textbooks.

It just depends on what better suits your preferences! 

6. Food

While the ramen bit earlier was a joke, the way you spend on food is a great way to save while you’re at school. 

Limiting the times that you go out to eat with friends can help you save money (especially if you have a budget!) You can also look into the different meal plans that your school offers and see if there are cheaper options that fit with your diet. 

7. Scholarships

Scholarships are one of the best ways to save money at college. Earning scholarships is basically like getting gifts for working hard at something!

However, that means you should put good effort into doing well at school, as well as search for other scholarships you can apply to. Usually schools give out scholarships that you can apply for each year and there are tons of scholarships that are eligible for college students everywhere to apply for. 

8. Graduate On Time (Or Earlier!)

Graduating on time will save you tons of cash because you aren’t paying to be at the school. This also goes for graduating earlier – you save tuition, room, and board because you won’t be there!

This is all a matter of how much work you can handle of course.

If you can manage early graduation, it would save you a bunch of cash, plus you get a head start on searching for a job. Then you can get to work on paying off any student loans even sooner!

9. Work

Working on or off campus can help you have a steady flow of money while at school. Then you’ll always have an amount to set aside and save gradually, as well as some to spend every now and then. 

Many campuses have on-campus job opportunities as well as work-study programs that you might find to be helpful. And don’t forget about the magic of private jobs like babysitting! 

Working makes a world of a difference when it comes to saving and spending your money wisely. 

10. Conserve

Conserving your utilities can make a big difference when it comes to saving money. Being diligent about not using too much electricity or water add up, as well as not using A/C or heating when you don’t need to. 

Let’s not forget about how these moves can help the environment as well! You’ll be saving your money and helping the earth at the same time. 

11. Make Honest Judgements

Finally, make honest judgments about what you do and don’t need when you’re shopping. We all know it’s fun to spend a little on things you don’t necessarily need, but be mindful of how often you choose to do that. 

There are also tons of fun ways to buy things that you’re looking for, like hitting up the closest thrift store with your friends. It’s ok to make purchases, but make ones that will meet more of your needs than your wants!

B.F.A. in Saving Money!

And there you have it – with these 11 ways to save money in college, you’ll at least get a BFA in financial smarts!

Higher education can be stressful for a number of reasons. From big tests to licensures to GPA – not to mention the social aspects – you’re in for a lot of learning. 

But money does not have to be one of those stressors – at least not as long as you keep up with these helpful tips on how to save money in college. 

Make sure to check out some of our other posts for more interesting reads, and check back soon for more content!


8 Old Video Gaming Consoles We Still Love Today

8 Old Video Gaming Consoles We Still Love Today

8 Old Video Gaming Consoles We Still Love Today

“Brown Box” — that’s the name of the first-ever multiplayer video game console prototype. It’s the “Father” of all video games, having had existed in 1967.

Its creation is all thanks to the genius and efforts of Ralph Baer, Bill Harrison, and Bill Rusch.

From there, Brown Box became officially-known as “Magnavox Odyssey” in 1972. It’s this system that spawned today’s 200 million global videogamers.

While Odyssey is no longer in circulation, some of the old gaming consoles that it paved the way for still are. They’re still entertaining videogamers and making them shriek in delight, and yes, annoyance. (Game Over, remember?)

Ready to learn what these old school gaming systems are that you can still button-mash? Then let’s get right into it!

1. Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

We’ll start off with this one, and not only because it came out in 1983. That alone, however, already makes it one of the most classic gaming consoles that you can still get today.

The main reason you should pick up an NES is because of Super Mario Bros, Zelda, and Pac-Man. It’s also the console that gave rise to Donkey Kong, Kirby’s Adventure, and a long list of other retro games. Yes, it’s the NES that gave us a platform to enjoy all these billion-dollar hits.

2. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

SNES, the improved version of NES, is also one of the top classic game consoles from Nintendo. It first came out in 1991 in the US, and we should be glad it did, as it came out with titles like Super Mario World and SimCity.

Today, you can pick up a SNES Classic and buy video games like Zelda, Kirby, and Final Fantasy aside from Super Mario. There are, in total, 20 titles you can play, plus two special, exclusive releases.

3. Sega Genesis

Want to reminisce all those battles with the mad scientist and evil Doctor Eggman? Well, you’re in luck, because you can, thanks to the release of the Sega Genesis Mini. It’s an emulation of the original Genesis, which means that it comes with 16-bit hardware.

Sega calls it “Mini” because it’s about half the size of the original Genesis console. It’s in no way “mini” when it comes to playable titles, as there are 42 games for you to enjoy. The exact titles vary where you live, but if you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ll know how to get access to many of these.

4. Game Boy

Having celebrated its 30th birthday in 2019, Game Boy still lives up to its name. It’s also thanks to this console that we have a strong market of portable video games today. Since its release, Nintendo has sold over 100 million of the classic and Color versions.

Tetris, Pokemon, Super Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong are just to name a few titles playable on Game Boy. Either way, it’s a good investment, especially if you’re always on the go and need something to pass the time with.

5. Retro-Bit

Retro-Bit is one of the classic game systems that allow you to bring home retro arcade games. It has licensed games from big names like Capcom and Nintendo, with titles like Mega Man (2 and 3) and Super Dodge Ball. Other favorites included are Double Dragon, Strider, Final Fight, and BurgerTime.

Retro-Bit may not be as huge as Nintendo, but it’s an inexpensive alternative. Plus, if you’ve got another gamer who lives with you, it’s a great way to have friendly battles for hours on end.

6. Atari Flashback 8

The Atari Flashback 8 lets you take a trip back to the future, in HDMI style. You may think that its 720p feature defeats the purpose, but it’s only there to make the graphics look a bit cleaner. It comes with a couple of 2.4G wireless controllers, so it’s another way to go multiplayer.

Atari’s Flashback 8 is what Nintendo’s SNES Classic is to its fans. In fact, Atari rolled it out at the same time (September 2017) that Nintendo did with its SNES Classic Mini. There are loads of games with the Flashback 8, 120 of them built-in to be exact.

7. C64 Mini

Vividly red joystick — check. Beige keyboard — also check. Waves of nostalgia — definitely.

All these, you get to enjoy with the C64 Mini from Retro Games Ltd. It’s the company’s way of updating and upgrading the Commodore 64 home computer. Yes, it’s for PC gamers out there, which is why it definitely deserves a spot on this list.

Although it’s slightly flawed (stiff joystick, for instance), it’s still retro-packed. You won’t find all the best titles here like Wasteland and Elite, but the rest of the games are still worth it. Speaking of which, there are 64 games that come included with the console.

8. PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classic is Sony’s way of combining its new and old gaming systems. It’s a retro console that lets you play 3D games, after all. From Resident Evil to Final Fantasy VII to Metal Gear Solid, the PS Classic gives you all that and more.

Fancy playing with — and winning — over your friends? The PS Classic also lets you do that with multiplayer titles like Twisted Metal and Tekken 3.

All these make the Sony PS Classic a must-have if you’re looking to expand your console collection.

Get Your Game on With These Super Entertaining Old Gaming Consoles

Who says you always need CGI and very realistic graphics just to have fun? That’s not always the case, and this ultimate list of the best and the most fun old gaming consoles says it all. If you’re thinking of treating the gamer in you, then one (or a few) of these units should be some of your top choices.

Ready for more geeky guides like this? Then be sure to head over to this site’s Tech section then!


6 Best Online Courses of Machine Learning to Start With the Basics Today

6 Best Online Courses of Machine Learning to Start With

The best way to start learning today has become easier than ever, with plenty of online courses offered online. Students can start learning the best concepts without having to leave their homes and at the utmost comfort. The increasing number of internet users makes it easier for them to access online courses and learn by themselves.

There are all types of online courses available for students to choose from. The list of these courses includes all types of courses that can help deliver excellent results. Starting from regular subjects, arts, music, and many more fields got covered under one roof. Also, these courses are uploaded and created by trusted tutors who can teach you all the best things there is.

Why Choose Machine Learning Courses?

The more you move forward in the right direction, the more appreciation and future growth you can retain. As per Gartner’s recent technology trends, machine learning and artificial intelligence have become the latest of all trends as they deliver excellent support for running the operations with the best intentions.

Therefore, if you want to secure your future by setting your cornerstone in the right manner, start learning machine learning as it helps generate excellent results, and the future scope lies here. By following the right set of instructions, you can also secure your career in the upcoming trends.

6 Best Online Courses that Deliver the Expected Results for Machine Learning Enthusiasts

To learn machine learning, it becomes crucial to find courses that are actually supported and curated by experts. Without learning to justify them, you can never rely on generating the best results. Students can choose from all available courses on different educational platforms where the best support can be garnered.

Here are the best courses to choose from the myriad of courses of machine learning available on online platforms. By selecting anyone as per your convenience and learning level, you can start your first step on the right note.

1. Machine Learning Course Offered by Stanford University

Coursera is one of the best online course platforms that combines all the best courses one a single platform. This course offered by Stanford University helps you earn a certificate from the university itself when you complete it. This particular course is curated by Andrew Ng, a professor at Stanford University who is also a co-founder of Coursera. 

Hence, the expertise and features offered by this course are incomparable as it helps deliver excellent content and teaching experience. The course has scored more than 2.6 million students and has 4.9 out of 5 ratings. Therefore, if you are looking forward to starting learning the same in the best way, this course is the best that you can find.

2. Machine Learning Course A-ZTM: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

This particular machine learning course is offered on Udemy by data science experts Kirill Eremenko, and Hadelin de Ponteves. As the name of the course suggests, this course is a complete package for those students who want to start from the first step and take it to an advanced level. Also, this particular course helps you master the Python and R development that are two of the best programming languages of today.

The total course duration is 40+ hours, and it includes the video lectures along with practical exercises that the students can practice by themselves. For example, if an angular js development company wants its employees to learn and master from this course, they can rely on it as it gives them practicals too to check what their expertise level is. This course has received 4.5 out of 5 ratings by the students and professionals who enrolled for the same.

3. Deep Learning Course

Deep learning is one of the less explored areas of the machine learning universe. As the implementation of deep learning is becoming one of the important essences for businesses around the world. The more you consider running the course outputs to produce excellent results, you can actually garner the best experience.

This course is again introduced by Andrew Ng, who is one of the reputed experts in the field of machine learning. This single course includes five different courses under a single roof, and hence, it spans across a few weeks. e.g., if you want to deliver an home delivery software, you have to go through the basics and then proceed to advanced. Similarly, this course progresses to advanced level from the basics.

Still, this course gives you the chance to practice on the real-world data of medical, finances, natural language processing, and more. Hence, you not only learn how deep learning works, but you can also use this experience to empower your future projects.

4. Applied Machine Learning

This particular course is offered by Columbia Engineering Executive Education. This specific course directly teaches the concepts of machine learning that need your attention and help you brush up your concepts over the machine learning terminologies and more. Applied machine learning course includes all the algorithms and methods of supervised and unsupervised learning and helps you understand how the actual implementation is done.

It can get you a jumpstart to how the machine learning concepts work. This particular online course helps in learning the fundamentals of data science along with the practical implementation of Python and its libraries. It powers up your career as the course completion certificate will be waiting for you at the end of the course modules.

5. Machine Learning Data Science Course

The course offered by Harvard University ensures you get a new view of the concepts of machine learning and data science as well. This course is covered under Harvard’s professional certification program. Hence, upon completion, you earn a certificate from Harvard University, and it helps you learn from the best of machine learning concepts.

The course extensively puts emphasis on learning R programming language for the implementation of machine learning concepts and hence, introduces you to the future programming language. The course modules are well-distributed to generate the best results in no time. It also includes a module where real-life case studies are mentioned and used.

6. Machine Learning- Artificial Intelligence Course

This course is offered by Columbia University, and it powers up your basic concepts to deliver excellent learning experience. It is a micro master course that teaches the basics and helps you get started with any other advanced courses.

The course also teaches you how you can implement the concepts in the real-world by including the possible applications and case studies on each. It also includes dedicated modules for learning neural networks and helps determine the practical application of each. This course has received 4.5 scores out of 5.


By choosing anyone from these courses, you can ensure learning the best approaches that empower your career. The more you get involved in learning through these courses, the more results you can achieve with your earned expertise. With continuous developed practice and skills over time, you can become one of the leading machine learning experts to make a good sum of money and secure your future with the best of technology trends. So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing now!


4 Cool Things to Make With a CNC Machine Today

4 Cool Things to Make With a CNC Machine Today

4 Cool Things to Make With a CNC Machine Today

Woodworking has become one of the top hobbies in the country, with enthusiasts spending $3.32 billion each year. Of these purchases, a popular one is buying a CNC machine. 

If you bought this nifty machine, you’re probably wondering, what can a CNC machine do? Figuring out interesting CNC machine uses comes down to what you’re passionate about. 

Check out these four suggestions for a few ideas of cool things to make with a CNC machine.

1.  Gears

Learning how to create gears can open you up to a wide variety of projects. You only need a small CNC machine to create them. You’ll want to download or create your gear pattern so that you can program your machine. 

  • Clock
  • Safe 
  • Kinetic sculpture
  • Lamp 
  • Wall art 

Just keep in mind that wood isn’t used in mechanical projects for a good reason. Wood can’t achieve precise and accurate meshing. It’s also prone to snapping, chipping, and compressing. What you design with wooden gears should be done more for aesthetics and less for actual engineering. 

2. Elephant Puzzle 

You don’t need to be a child to appreciate this creative elephant puzzle. The original instructions call for a scroll saw, but you can easily adapt them for a CNC machine. Use a .25 inch bit for the outside, and then a .125 inch bit for the individual pieces. 

If you want to make a puzzle that can stand, then use a piece of wood that’s at least one inch thick. To make a puzzle that lays flat, use a thinner piece of wood. 

To finish your puzzle, you should sand, stain, and seal the wood. This will bring out the color and grain to improve its looks while also protecting the wood. 

3. Wireless Charger 

You can create a custom wooden wireless charger that looks elegant on your desk. All you need is a few pieces of wood, aluminum sheeting, and a wireless charging module. 

The first thing you’ll do is cut out the shape of your wireless charger using your X-Carve CNC machine. Then you’ll layer the wood and aluminum. Finally, you’ll attach the charging module.

4. Relief Map

To create your own relief map, you’ll need to start by downloading the STL Version of the area you’d like to cut. You’ll need to use a software like Fusion 360 to then manipulate your map into something your CNC machine can understand and create. 

Be careful with the size of your final code. Some machines may not be able to handle the large amount of information required. If this happens, you’ll need to break up your map project into separate pieces. 

Once you have your template, you’ll secure your wood and let your machine get to work. 

Try These Cool Things to Make With a CNC Machine

Hopefully, these ideas have sparked your imagination. You can try these cool things to make with a CNC machine, and then branch out to harder or more complex projects. 

If you’re more engineering-minded, then creating gears and interlocking pieces will appeal to you. If you’re more interested in creating beautiful pieces, then the map or cell phone charger may appeal more. 

Browse our other articles for more useful advice pertaining to all areas of your life. 


How to Market Your Art Online and Get Noticed Today

How to Market Your Art Online and Get Noticed Today

How to Market Your Art Online and Get Noticed Today

25% of the global population shop online.

You have put in a lot of effort, energy, and time in creating your art. You need the whole world to see it.

If you are an established artist, it is relatively easy for you to be noticed. However, if you are just starting to get your work out there, you will need to implement more strategies. This article will provide you with tips on how to market your art.

How to Market Your Art: Have a Fantastic Portfolio

When you create art, you can easily include it in your online portfolio. The internet and globalization have made the world a small village.

Previously, you could only rely on selling your work within your country. Today, you can sell it all over the world. This means you need to network, submit your work to art competitions, and post it on your website and social media profiles.

This guarantees that you will have a place to direct anyone who wants samples of your work. Remember that this portfolio will act as your first impression. It, therefore, needs to be a good one. Here are some ways you can do it:

  • Display on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • You may also start writing a blog on your website to drive traffic and get your work noticed
  • Post new jobs regularly
  • Engage your followers by responding to comments and answering questions
  • Ensure the website is optimized for all devices
  • Allow customers to pay via online payment methods

Join Global Online Art Platforms

Joining global online art platforms is an excellent way to get noticed. Most of these platforms allow you to sign up and use their services for free.

Here, you can easily get discovered by thousands of art collectors who visit the website. When you upload your art, you are creating a legacy and your art will live long in the virtual world.

Make It Easier For Your Fans to Market You

The best way to get your work out there is to get your fans on social media to share your work on their timelines.

A single person can have thousands of followers on social media. What if all these followers see your art? It will increase your chances of getting your work sold.

Therefore, your website should have a “share to social media” button to make it easier for your visitors to share the work.

Ensure Your Website Is SEO Friendly

The easiest way for you to get noticed online is to make sure that your website is SEO friendly.

There are various tactics that you can use, including the use of keywords and LSI keywords. This will put your work among the first ten websites for each search in your category. For more tips on how to track your SEO keywords, check out this guide.

Marketing Your Art

Getting your work noticed as an artist is not as difficult as most people presume. You could also have a call to action at the bottom of each post where you ask visitors to share the work.

If you need tips on how to market your art or need a platform to showcase your work, please explore our blog.


What is a Click Funnel? And Why You Need to Implement it Today!

What is a Click Funnel? And Why You Need to

What is a Click Funnel? And Why You Need to Implement it Today!

Did you know the digital advertising industry is worth more than $192 billion?

Do you want to increase your sales but are wondering what is a click funnel? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go over what it is and how it could help.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Click Funnel?

Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder. It helps businesses sell, market, and deliver their products online.

This tool helps simplify the online marketing of products and services. Users have funnel options pre-built for a specific service or product.

You can use it to build webinars, landing pages, and membership sites. Clickfunnels incorporates elements needed for a functional sales funnel.

You’ll have a unified and comprehensive package. Many people choose between Clickfunnels vs Leadpages.

How Does It Work?

Clickfunnels allows users to use a bunch of pre-built sale funnels. They choose the one that matches their business needs. Clickfunnels saves you time and speeds up the sales funnel setup.

When you’ve selected your funnel, you’ll need to choose a template. You have a variety to choose from and proven to work. With a bunch of templates to use, you don’t have to worry about a testing phase.

It’s a user-friendly interface. You can integrate clocks, videos, and animation to your templates. You can perform your A/B testing to see what works and what doesn’t work. You don’t have to deal with a learning curve.

Clickfunnels has a staff ready to answer any of your questions. They also have a Facebook group you can join for more support.

When you launch a funnel, you should consider getting a domain name. Clickfunnels will buy your first domain name for free. They will set up SSL as well.

You also can try out a 14-day free trial if you’re interested. Clickfunnels has two different subscription levels. You can choose the standard plan or an upgraded plan. The upgraded plan includes features like Actionetics and Backpack.

Clickfunnels Benefits

The software is well-designed for building sales and marketing funnels. The editor is simple to use and flexible. Clickfunnels integrates with popular payment providers and significant email providers.

For different funnels, you have attractive looking templates to choose from. The software gets better after new updates. You can share your funnels and earn affiliate commissions.

How Do People Use Clickfunnels?

People use Clickfunnels to create standard sale funnels. They also use it to generate opt-in funnels. This will help you get new leads and grow your email list.

Build webinar funnels as well. This helps you sell your services and products while growing your brand.

You can also use Clickfunnels to make membership sites. You can keep your premium content accessible for your subscribers only.

Want to Learn More?

We hope you found this article on “What is a click funnel?” insightful. This is a tool that will simplify your online marketing. Try out their free trial today!

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