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5 Hilarious Vape Memes That Went Viral

5 Hilarious Vape Memes That Went Viral

5 Hilarious Vape Memes That Went Viral

Vape culture and meme culture: two heads of a generational hydra. They didn’t start exactly at the same time but they certainly grew stronger together.

Vaping deserves its place in culture. All jokes aside, projections show the industry hitting $41 billion in sales by 2023.

Vape memes have expectations to spread to every corner of the internet by sometime next Thursday. Especially the cloud memes.

These viral hits sometimes arrive before they arrive. The last time they were this early was before hipsters ruined pipes.

Vape Memes

Memes about vaping take the best memes and attach vape culture. Done and done. These are our favorites, as determined by total arbitrary value, no polls or surveys matter.

It is important to note that these funny vape memes contain no smoking is bad memes.

You don’t care. We don’t care. Stop mentioning it, Brenda.

1. The Dry Hit

Our first entry combines a moment in time with a feeling we all know. Then it tosses in that sweet schadenfreude.

Sure, it sucks when it happens to you but there are few things funnier than seeing someone else do a dry hit. That is, as long as they don’t try to pass it to you next. Maybe give that two more before we want in on it.

2. The Self Inflicted Cloud

Writers know a few things about self-inflicted vices. So maybe we have a bias for the appeal of this long-standing favorite.

You can’t necessarily blame yourself for trying to work through your own vape cloud. all you can do is keep working and keep vaping.

People with alternatives are quitters of the worst kind.

3. The Harsh Truth

No picture of a desert or image of a blasted landscape does justice to that feeling of being out of e-juice.

Still, some images try to capture the particular desolate horror of laying mired in the dirt and unable to find sweet liquid comfort.

To avoid a similar fate, drop by Broke Dick for quality and cheap e-juice. They know how to avoid this meme by always staying well supplied. Think of them as the German shepherd with a brandy barrel but in the desert and with e-juice.

Totally the same.

4. The Last Mod

A spicy meme hande selected for those that like to say things you can’t possibly mean. We know that this will be your last mod ever, for reals, because it is the last one you can afford.

This week.

Next week, and the week after. Once the cash flow is up and you hear about that excellent new coil configuration offering 3x the power at half the charge time, you will say this again.

5. The Picard

Nothing adds a touch of class to incredible incredulity quite like Picard. When he reaches his hand out, an olive branch of sanity, to express his disbelief, we listen.

In this case, he might make one those smoking is bad comments (which we said we would avoid). Or he could make a compelling argument for not forgetting your charger.

Don’t forget your charger. You’re better than that.

Your Community

These represent only a fraction of the vape memes out there. We think you will agree they represent some real insight into life. For those looking for an insight into the less spurious side of the internet, check out our strategy tips.


Easy Steps to Make a Viral Facebook Post

Easy Steps to Make a Viral Facebook Post

4 Tips for Creating a Viral Facebook Post

So you want to go viral. It could be for future fame, financial gain, or because you really believe in your message.

All three desires are worth their own merit and can be the driving force behind your viral Facebook post. And all three can be a reality for you if you follow these tips!

Read on to figure out how to use Facebook to your advantage and get your name or message out to the masses.

1. Creating a Viral Facebook Post: The Hook

You can’t have a viral Facebook post without a topic. The topic and how it’s worded is going to be the “hook” that catches your readers. If the information is not of interest to them, they will keep on scrolling, looking for something better.

The title of your post, or the linked image, will be the first thing your audience sees and notices. Creativity, humor, or shock value matter.

The reader’s first taste of the article or post should be relevant to them and give them a taste of what they may be in for when they begin to read. Many people are not going to become engaged in an article that doesn’t interest them in some way. This means they likely won’t share it, hindering the likelihood of a viral post.

2. Images Are Your Friend

Images and infographics are also another great tool. Something visually pleasing and related to your article will entice the reader to share this great article or piece of information they’ve found.

Using visually pleasing components in your post will allow for the reader to remember what you say and take away some cool statistics or information. When information is paired with memorable images, the likelihood of the reader retaining the facts increases.

When posting to your own page, Facebook covers are equally important. These photos will draw the eye into your page and make people curious as to what you have to say.

3. Be Clear and Concise

Regardless of what age your main audience is, it’s no secret that the age of computers and smartphones has shortened the attention span of most readers.

When composing a post that you want to be shared over and over again, keep this in mind. Unless doing in-depth research, people are not going to be engaged in an extremely lengthy article.

They want facts and bullet points, and easy to read information. Don’t dumb it down too much, but keep in mind the vocabulary you use, as well as the topic at hand.

4. Ask and You’ll Receive

If you find that you’re still having a hard time getting your information or post out there to the masses, it might be time too take a look at social media influencers.

There are a couple ways to go about using these accounts that have tons of followers, but the easiest two are going to be joining in relevant conversations, or flat out asking for a mention of a quote.

Just being able to associate your post with this type of account should drive traffic and shares.

The Line & Sinker

Overall, creating a viral Facebook post isn’t incredibly hard. But it does require a good bit of thought and effort.

The other component is somewhat luck of the draw, but if you include these tips in your next attempt to go viral, you may just have some of that good luck.

If you need ideas on creating content that is strategically shareable, check out a few posts on content marketing.