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Top 5 Football Chants of All-Time

Top 5 Football Chants of All-Time

Top 5 Football Chants of All-Time

We love watching a great football match. There is nothing like the drama and excitement of crafty competitors leaving every ounce of effort out on the football pitch during a match.

Football is like no other sport for the excitement of the crowd too. Part of the thrill of watching a match is hearing the roar of the crowd.

More than most sports, a great crowd can contribute to football goals. A perfect football chant can throw the opposition off their game.

And sometimes the right chant can even be part of making more football goals happen during the course of a match.

Let’s remember some of the all-time best football chants together. Here’s our top 5:

1. His Bite Is Worse Than His Bark

When Luis Suarez tried to take a bite out of an opponent, Man U fans wouldn’t let him hear the last of it.

The chant “Your teeth are offside” haunted the Liverpool player thereafter.

Manchester United fans are traditionally the most loyal. Their imagination when it comes to making chants is almost as legendary as their team’s ability at scoring football goals.

2. This Means War

This means Viking war, that is.

The Iceland team made headlines for its phenomenal run in the Euro 2016 matches. And their fans recognized this achievement.

The Iceland fans crafted a magical Viking War chant to support their team. They even greeted the players with a homecoming party after the tournament.

Since Iceland gave such a memorable showing in the tournament, it’s fitting their football chant was just as legendary.

3. Make Way For AC Milan

Football fans know there is nothing so powerful as an AC Milan football chant. Their stadium tends to shake with the intensity of their crowds singing and chanting in unison.

With so many to pick from, it’s tough to single out just one.

But you have to love their chant of “Non vincete mai.”

Or, “You’ll never win.”

With support like that you’ll be calling on 138 Bet to make a bundle on a match!

4. Variations on a Theme By Duran Duran

If you love 80s throwback music than the West Ham chant about Rio Ferdinand has to warm your heart.

Forget the sailors in suits from the infamous 80s music video. The chant about Ferdinand missing games due to drug use still makes us laugh.

“His name is Rio and he watches from the stand!”

Plus, it’s fun to watch Man U fans get the business from time to time too!

5. Marching On Together

Those of us who love football history have to appreciate the Leeds fans using “Marching On Together” as their anthem.

There’s nothing quite like watching 40,000 fans sing off key together to support their team!

That’s the stuff football goals are made of. Nearly anything can be adapted as a great football chant.


Make Your Own History

We know we aren’t alone in having favorite football chants. Everyone has 1 or 2 they like to hum along to.

Tell us yours in the comments below! Or, if you’re working on a new one, let us know!

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