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Russia radio presenter stabbed in neck


Russia radio presenter stabbed in neck

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Image caption Blood was spattered on the floor as police tackled the intruder

Moscow police have arrested an assailant who stabbed and seriously wounded a top Russian radio journalist.

The man burst into the offices of Ekho Moskvy – a respected, independent broadcaster – and stabbed news anchor Tatyana Felgengauer in the neck.

She is in hospital now and her life is not in danger.

The knifeman reportedly sprayed a gas into the face of a security guard as he broke in. Ekho Moskvy often broadcasts opinions critical of the Kremlin.

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A state TV channel recently accused Ekho Moskvy ("Moscow Echo" in English) of working with the West to produce anti-Russian propaganda, the BBC's Sarah Rainsford reports from Moscow.

Just last month, another of its journalists, Yulia Latynina, left the country after she was sprayed with faeces and her car was set on fire.

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Image caption This photo of the suspect was published by Ekho Moskvy after the attack

It is not clear what prompted this latest attack. Staff at the radio station say the man did not shout anything before he stabbed his victim.

Tatyana Felgengauer is deputy chief editor at Ekho Moskvy and has worked there for more than 10 years. She is the daughter of Pavel Felgengauer, a prominent journalist with military expertise.

A photo of the suspect was published by the radio station's website editor Vitaly Ruvinsky on Facebook.

One of the broadcaster's security guards was injured as the knifeman was being overpowered.

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Image caption Ekho Moskvy is a major broadcaster, respected for its independent stance

According to Ekho Moskvy, the knifeman's name is Boris Grits. And Russian police sources described him as a foreigner.

Most Russians rely on TV for their news and the main channels are either directly state-controlled or run by companies with close links to the Kremlin.

There have been many attacks on investigative reporters and other journalists who have challenged Russia's powerful vested interests.

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