10 Qualities That Can Make Guys More Attractive


There is no doubt in the fact that people or women, in general, are attracted by those men who are at the same level as them. There are men who are born to charm everyone. And they do not have to do much effort to woo any women. But on the contrary, there are some men who lack such quality. But they should not get disheartened because of that. First, they should keep in mind the well-said quotation: “You will attract the women that you are supposed to.” And then if they really like any particular woman they should a little bit of work on themselves which will enhance or polish their qualities. And they will come across as an attractive man. Following are some qualities which makes a man look more attractive. Give it a read:

10. Pa*sion:

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Pa*sion is the driving force to attain anything in life. A person who has got pa*sion can absolutely do anything at any point in time. Pa*sion is directly linked to having a strong purpose. Women like guys who have a clear aim in life. Who are very well aware of what they want from themselves and their life. And not only that they really have that rush present in themselves which keeps them going and this is what makes men all over more attractive. Women know that if you are pa*sionate in general, they do not have to worry about anything in life.

9. Adventure:

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Women get very bored very easily being human beings. And so they want to go out every now and then to get some fresh air in some other place. The damsel in distress fairy tale is extremely important among woman because no one wants to get destroyed from monotony. Planning an adventure trip does need a lot of effort, and brainstorming to create new ideas and then their execution. Joshua Foer says, “Remembering more means being more human.” It means it is in human nature to expect more and more. And so the men who take care of this need of women are always considered more attractive.

8. Acceptance:

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Acceptance means accepting the person you like with all of their quirks. When you like someone, you give them the permission to open up with you and try to be just themselves. In today’s world, every person is running towards looking just flawless. No one wants to possess a trait which people may not approve. In this scenario, the guys who accept their women, by all means, are the most attractive men ever. It includes the ethnicity, body color, positives, highs, and all the lows. If your guy has got this quality you are indeed lucky.

7. Positivity:

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A positive mind has the tendency to do absolutely everything in life. If a guy is positive in general he will go all out to do anything to achieve whatever he wants. On the other hand, a man who has got a negative mind will always think about bringing his woman down, he will never wish anything good for her and even if he will that thing will also be revolving around him only. So a man who is positive and calm in any kind of situation will be considered as the most attractive man.

6. Mystery:

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As Harry Potter says, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” Some people are extremely straightforward and this quality is liked by many people. But the ones who like to give surprises and always leave a few chunks here and there to keep your mind involved are amazingly talented as well. And that is what makes them attractive. Who does not like surprises? Everyone does, especially all the women. Women crave from men to make them feel attractive. So, the guys who take their time out to plan something for their women are the most attractive men.

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5. Confidence:

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Body language is very important to show off your confidence. The men who want to woo women must have a perfect posture, the right gestures, beautiful voice, and most important he should know how to do eye contact. But if you are not confident from the inside, it will ruin everything for you. Confidence is always connected with having self-love and self-trust. You should always value the work you do, the traits you possess and the lows which you have and be confident about them. Never hesitate from showing them in front of the world. As nobody is perfect in this world. The guy who has complete faith in himself and has full confidence in his own skin is the most attractive man.

4. Decisive:

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Women generally like to have the authority of making all the decisions by themselves always. And they do not like to ask from others about their opinion if they like something. But being decisive means that you have got very clear intentions and you possess a solid purpose. Your woman may also do not like whatever you said but she will surely appreciate your decisiveness. Decisiveness shows that you know exactly what you want and you know the ways of getting it too. If you are a guy who does not have this quality start doing practice to acquire it. Next time you go out with your friends, just say I suggest we should go to this restaurant.

3. Listening:

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Dale Carnegie said, “To be interesting, be interested.” Listening always shows that you are interested in knowing that person. You value that person enough to stop talking about your qualities. And actually taking time out to understand their feelings and emotions. If you want to show the speaker that you were paying attention to whatever she was saying just summarize whatever she said in front of her. After listening, if you have got a good suggestion always tell it to her. This will make her feel you care about her. And if you have this quality being a guy, you should be really proud of yourself.

2. A Sense Of Wonder:

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Having a great sense of wonder is a great quality to have. It keeps you on your toes. You are always curious to know each and everything. And this quality makes you intelligent eventually. Guys, try to inculcate this quality in you if you do not have it in you already. This will make you an attractive man among women.

1. Soulfulness:

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Soulfulness means how well connected you are with your emotions. Men generally do not like to express themselves. They like to keep their emotions to themselves only. But you all should know, all women like such men who express themselves openly. The men who are not shy to hide themselves or their emotions from the world. And if a man has this amazing trait present in him, he is considered as the most attractive man ever.

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