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Positive Affirmations a Highly Sensitive Person Must Never Forget



If you’re a highly sensitive person, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed.  Because a Highly Sensitive Person has extremely physical, mental, and emotional responses to stimuli, It’s easy to feel bombarded by life. The best way to stay anchored is to give yourself some positive affirmations. So, what are 20 positive affirmations a highly sensitive person must never forget?

22 Positive Affirmations for the Highly Sensitive Person to Remember Always

1 – I am worthy

Feeling worthy gets to the essence of who you are. If you’re a highly sensitive person, you know that you can feel different from other people. You may think that your differences are too significant to handle. But remember you’re just as worthy as anyone else. You’re a human being, created by a Creator. If the Universe deems you as a noble creation, then you are deserving.  Right now, and just as you are.

2 – I am valuable

Research shows that self affirmations can lower stress, give a sense of overall well-being, and improve performance. Feeling valued is a human need. Whether it’s feeling like you’re contributing to your workplace or school, if you feel valued, you are happy.  Remember, you already have value and can contribute to any team.

Positive affirmations
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3 – I am strong

You are energetic and tough enough to get through each day in spite of the daily overstimulation you feel.  Your strength is rooted in who you are and how you view life. You’re able to cope with being a highly sensitive person increases your courage and strength to face each new day. You are a fighter, so don’t give up. Stay strong!

4 – I am grateful to for who I am

Positive affirmations have a range of benefits. Feeling thankful for being you is the beginning of self-acceptance and growth. No one can be like you. You’re unique. Even though you are a highly sensitive person, you are different still from other people with similar personality traits. So, enjoy who you are and allow yourself to be grateful for you!

5 – I am responsible

You are not a victim of your personality, but you are entirely in control of your actions, words, and thoughts. Also, you don’t use the fact that you are a highly sensitive person as an excuse for bad behavior, lack of kindness, or self-pity. You are responsible for what you do, and that’s a good thing!  Keep being responsible!

6 – I am peaceful

You choose peace. Peace over chaos and over fear. Peace is your choice today, even in the midst of the overwhelming turmoil. Breathe in peace to yourself and breathe out peace to others. Feeling peaceful is withing your hands, so embrace that choice!

7 – I am confident

You can be confident in who you are. It is just fine to have both good days and bad days. You are putting one foot in front of the other. Even a small step shows you are confident. So, lift your head up and be sure of yourself today.

highly confident people habits

8 – I am loved

Your Maker, the Creator profoundly loves you. The Universe loves its creations. You are loved by family and friends. All love you for who you are, not what you can do for others. You’re a highly sensitive person, and many people do love you and your unique sensitivities. Being an HSP and cherished by others are not opposing thoughts, they go hand in hand. Accept that outpouring of love today!

9 – Everything will be alright

It may not feel like it at the moment, but everything will be okay. As you remain calm, slow down your thoughts and breathe deeply, remember you are in control. Life isn’t spinning out of control. The sun will rise today, and the earth will continue to turn. Seasons will come and go, as predicted. Appreciate this new day and say to yourself, “I am going to be okay today because everything will be alright!”

10 – I can speak up

You don’t need to be afraid to speak up! You have something to say. So if you have questions to ask, thoughts to share, and that’s okay.  Speak up, ask questions, disagree, or agree, but don’t stay quiet.  Speak up!

11 – I have faith

You can have faith today that the Universe is for you, not against you. You have faith in your ability to live and learn and love. Put your faith in the Being who created you and cares for you. He’s bigger than you are, and that’s a good thing. Relax and have faith that the Creator is in control.

12 – I’m not a mess

You aren’t a mess today. You are a work in progress. Admittedly, you don’t get it right every time, but that’s okay. Who does? You are not a mess. You are a human that’s learning how to live in a messy world.

13 – I love myself

You love who you are and who you are meant to be. You love everything about yourself, your eyes, your ears, your hair, and your brain. As a unique being, you are worth loving.

14 – I’m unique

There’s no one like you. You were created in just the right way. The Maker doesn’t make mistakes. He trademarked you, so remember your uniqueness today.  You are his brand, his logo for the earth to see. So, be your unique self today!

15 – I have control over myself

Tell yourself the following:

My power is my own. I am not a victim of my personality, but I am in control of my actions, thoughts, and words. In addition, I will remain calm in the face of things that disturb me. Deep breathing and mindfulness are among my unique skills. If necessary, I know how to use self-care to get through a stressful situation. I have control over myself!

16 – It’s okay to be me

You can freely be yourself. You don’t need to be afraid of allowing people to know who you are. Don’t fear people’s opinions of you. Don’t listen to doubters or mockers. They are just jealous of your gifts. Put your head up. It’s okay to be who you are.

self care for the highly sensitive person17 – I have something to give

Your contributions count. You have things to give to the world, gifts, and talents that the world needs. You have something to share, so don’t hide your contributions. Feel free to share. Other people need to hear from you. You have something to give today!

18 – I can take a deep breath and smile

Smile. Take a deep breath. Today is another opportunity to share your gifts with the world. You can smile because you are you, no one else. As a highly sensitive person, you’re in touch with your emotions, you know to stop and breathe when life is overwhelming. You can smile because you’re growing and changing into a better you every day.

19 – I’m a survivor

You have survived more in your life than people do in a lifetime. Therefore, you know what it’s like to feel different, to feel sad and to be misunderstood, and even to be bullied. You’ve survived it all. More importantly, you will continue to use your unique gifts not only to survive but to thrive!.

20 – I’m healthy

You feel healthy and happy with yourself, just the way you are. As you understand yourself more, you’ll increase feelings of being happy and healthy. Your body is becoming healthier and my mind is becoming stronger. Finally, know that you are a work in progress and that’s okay.

Say to yourself: I am a healthy individual today!

21 – I am patient

You choose to be kind-hearted even when someone doesn’t understand my circumstances. And you will assume they are uninformed of your needs, rather than think they’re being mean spirited. You will kindly assert your opinions, feedback, and knowledge in a way that won’t harm anyone. Moreover, you will remain calm as you reach that goal.

22 – I see my sensitivity as a gift

Your sensitive personality type is a gift to treasure. It’s not a hindrance. Indeed, it is a unique gift that not as many people get to experience. It’s not a mistake that you are this way, it is a rare jewel. It’s okay if you mind thinks profound thoughts and your soul feels others’ pain so keenly.

Tell yourself: I accept who I am. My sensitivity is a gift!

highly sensitive person quoteFinal Thoughts on Why A Highly Sensitive Person Needs Daily Affirmations

As a highly sensitive person, you are finely tuned to the energy of those around you. When they project negative thoughts, you feel their pain. Moreover, you deplete your own stores of positivity by using it to shield yourself from those harmful powers. In addition, you feel responsible for shifting those people back into a productive mindset, thanks to your innate kindness.

These drains on your sensitivities leave you feeling drained. Additionally, you might sometimes wonder if you were cursed rather than blessed in being a highly sensitive person. And that is where reading daily affirmations can serve you well.

Positive affirmations give us hope and happiness about who we are and who we are becoming. Highly sensitive people need to feel free to affirm themselves daily. Positive affirmations battle those negative feelings that creep into your heart and mind. They help you feel better about who you are. And that’s a good thing! Why not try reciting these 20 positive affirmations to yourself and see the difference it makes in your life.


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