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These Illustrations Perfectly Capture What It’s like to Be A Woman



Being a woman is a wonderful thing: we get the privilege to bear children, change our outfits multiple times while running late and not feel guilty about it, wear makeup, and nurture those around us with love and acceptance. Women are known for being more sensitive than men, and in the past we have been known as the “weaker” sex because of this. However, in today’s society, having feelings and being a caring, loving person is seen as a strength rather than a weakness. We’ve certainly come a long way as women over the years.

However, being a woman isn’t always easy! The illustrations by Bloome Comics show the reality of what’s it like to be a woman, and we can definitely relate.

“A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

These Illustrations Perfectly Capture What It’s Like to Be A Woman

1. Beauty routines don’t always go as planned as a woman, but we can improvise!

2. If you’re a woman, you know how true this is!

3. As a woman, choosing the right outfit is a job in itself!

Society seems to judge women more harshly for our bodies, but we hope you know that you’re beautiful no matter what size or shape you are! Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way.

4. Because sometimes, we just need a day to ourselves to recharge. We still love our friends, but being a woman requires a lot of energy!


5. This is definitely a bad habit of ours, and we’ll be the first to admit it.

6. Everyone knows that women go by their own time clocks, and it’s about time society learns to just accept it.

7. Our fuzzy friends look at us like we’re crazy, but we’re used to it by now.

8. Yeah, it’s like that sometimes, and we are not ashamed.

Which of these illustrations did you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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