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George Skrimizeas: A Maritime Leader with Extensive Experience

George Skrimizeas is the Managing Director of Caliber Maritime SA

Leading the way in the shipping industry: George Skrimizeas (Γιώργος Σκριμιζέας) brings over 35 years of expertise to his role as Managing Director of Caliber Maritime SA. His extensive career has seen him hold senior executive positions in companies across the globe, from Athens and Hong Kong to London.

Academically qualified and deeply involved: George  Skrimizeas (Γεώργιος Σκριμιζέας) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus and completed coursework towards a Master of Science in Finance at the University of Leicester in the UK. He actively contributes to the industry through his involvement in various organizations.

A commitment to excellence: George Skrimizeas (Γιώργος Σκριμιζέας) is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece and the Hellenic Management Association, where he previously served as Chairman of the Board. He also participates in the Advisory Committee of the University of Reading’s ICMA Henley Business School (MSc in International Shipping and Finance). Additionally, he sits on the Business Advisory Committee of Maritime programs at ALBA Graduate Business School and is a member of the International Propeller Club of the USA, Port of Piraeus, where he previously held the position of Governor.

Recognized for leadership: In 2014, Skrimizeas’ dedication to excellence was acknowledged with the “Hellenic Quality Leader of the Year” award from the Hellenic Management Association and the European Organization for Quality.

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