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10 Ways to Stop Dwelling on the Past (And Create a Happier Future)

10 Ways to Stop Dwelling on the Past (And Create

Life tends to be all about sinking or swimming. Once you’ve experienced the pain of taking on too much and feeling like you’re drowning, it teaches you life lessons. It takes a great deal of effort to stay afloat. However, there is something about rock bottom that teaches you things that you can never learn when you are swimming along peacefully.

When you are at the bottom, you learn how to fight and claw your way back to the surface. You learn the power that you have within you that will sustain you in life. Now, the biggest challenge is to learn how to break away from your past and stop dwelling on those mistakes; it’s easier said than done.

Do you tend to ruminate on your past, and your mind plays a loop of your failures? Why do you keep playing the same movie time and again in your head, and you’re expecting the ending to be different? When you are constantly dwelling on the past, you will reopen wounds that have closed, and it will self-sabotage your determination.

How can you move forward when you are so preoccupied with what’s behind you? Letting go is never easy, but if you don’t get control of your thought processes, then days, weeks, and years will pass without change. To put the past in the past, you must first be willing to take a step forward.

10 Tips to Help You Stop Dwelling on the Past

It’s time for you to move on, and you need to let the universe know that you’re ready for a fresh start and change. There’s no need to be scared because you will stagnate if you never alter or change in life.

Everyone will agree the aroma that comes from stagnant water is pungent. If you’re ready to move on from your past and begin again, here are ten tips to help you.

1. Remember You Write the Story

The great thing about your life is you get to write your story. You will have many chapters, but each of these chapters will tell a story of a time or period you endured. Some chapters will be exciting and full of love and hope, which others will reflect on the darkest times in your life.

You will have support characters, people who are there for only a season, and those who shake things up. Take a good look at your novel and identify the chapter you’re currently in. Now, the great news is that you get to write the ending too.

Remember, no one else can write your story like you, so make sure that you give the novel plenty of interest and love.

2. Learn from Your Mistakes

The book of your life would be a pretty boning read if there were some intrigue, mystery, and drama. Consider a baby learning to maneuver in their new world. It takes them several times to fall before they learn to walk.

However, the young child soon learns what they need to do so that they don’t fall. The same analogy applies to you. You eventually know what you need to do to keep from making the same mistakes in life. Rumination and dwelling on the past only hurt you. Use your failures as motivation for the future.

3. Trust the Process

Do you ever wonder how your life would have been if you had made different choices? Did you know that you’re one decision away from a whole new life? Each choice you make is important because it defines that chapter in your life’s story.

Sometimes, things won’t work in your favor, and other times, you will master it all. The connection to why these things happened will become apparent in the future. If you’re constantly dwelling on the past, you might resist the good things in store for you.

You must trust the process and give yourself a pat on the back that you’ve made it thus far.

4. Look to the Future

Your strength may be limited, but the things you can achieve in your life are limitless. Keep in mind; you are utilizing strength and energy when you’re dwelling on the past, worrying, or angry. It’s exhausting trying to focus on things that are out of your control.

Letting go is so tricky, but in time you will learn to build and trust. The wonderful thing about letting go of excess baggage is that you’re clearing the way for new adventures. There are reasons for change, and when you resist these changes, you could be preventing some of the most extraordinary experiences of your life from occurring.

5. Find Inspiration in Others

Do you think that you’re the only one with problems? Life is all about the ups and downs and the valley. It seems so lonely when you’re at rock bottom, but you may use this time to draw inspiration from others.

One of the most powerful platforms ever created was Ted Talks. People share their stories of facing insurmountable odds and coming through victorious. You can find just about any topic and subject to draw strength.

If you aren’t much for podcasts, then you might try an online support group. It’s incredible what it does to your spirit when you read of others and their tales of the human spirit’s ability to overcome.

6. Meditation and Developing a Proper Mindset

Dwelling on the past puts you in a negative mindset. There have been numerous studies done on the effects of negative thinking. If you speak positive things, then you will be optimistic.

However, if you are continually living in a negative realm, your life will have a pessimistic outlook. You can change your thoughts by using meditation. If you’re new to this art form, you might want to try a guided meditation to erase negativity.

Your mindset means everything, so it’s time to change it for good. Stop looking at your past as a life sentence. It’s in the past for a reason, and you need to leave it there. Through mindful breathing and meditation, you can conquer some of your biggest inner struggles.

7. Stop Playing the “What If” Game

Does any of these questions sound like you: “What if I didn’t marry that person?” “What if I didn’t buy this car?” “What if I didn’t move across the country and try this adventure?” There are lots of questions that you ask yourself daily that you cannot answer.

While it’s hard to look at things positive when they turned out to be a disaster, try focusing on the right parts. For instance, your marriage might have been a wreck, but you have a beautiful child that you adore. If it weren’t for that marriage, then you wouldn’t have your baby. Even the darkest of clouds can have a silver lining.

8. Develop a Positive Mantra

You’re human, and it’s nearly impossible to stop all the evil thoughts. Every time thoughts of your past come up and bother you; you need to have a mantra that you quote to clear your mind.

For instance, if you found yourself once addicted to drugs and alcohol, but you’ve been clean for ten years, it’s a significant achievement. When your mind wanders back to those horrible events, tell yourself that you’re more powerful than the pain, and you will use your life for good.

You can use your past to help others who are not as far along on the journey. Then, you’re taking the bad that happened to you and turning it into a positive. Rumination and dwelling on the past are only useful if it’s helping someone else.

9. Stop Playing the Victim

Some people love playing the victim card because it feels good to get attention.

At some point in your life, you must move from victim to victor. Dwelling on the past should never be something you use for people’s pity or to get attention. Plus, this negativity will hold you back and won’t allow you to move on.

10. Get Help

If no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get past the past, then you need to seek professional help. Therapy is an excellent outlet for you to vent your frustrations, process them, and then move beyond that stagnating position.

It’s never easy to change, and there are times when you want to run away and hide. However, there’s something very freeing when you talk about the issues with a third party who is objective. They can help you make sense of the madness and put things into perspective.

It would help if you found the strength within you to move past these events. You know how annoying the old record players were that would get stuck on a scratch and play the same sentences over and over?

Well, you’re doing the same thing inside your head. Ruminating on your mistakes can cause excessive anxiety, depression, and other mental health disturbances. You owe it to yourself and your family to move on.

Final Thoughts on How to Stop Dwelling on the Past

Dwelling on the past holds you back from entering the next significant phase of your life. Consciously work at removing these barriers from your mind. Only then will you be free to attain all your goals and dreams.


What are the Primary Security Challenges for the Future of the Internet of Things?

What are the Primary Security Challenges for the Future of


No doubt, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the superior technologies in this era of digital transformation. For those who don’t know, IoT is the core technology platform behind smart devices, self-driving cars, and automated industrial units.

However, with the rapid increase of IoT devices over the years, several security challenges are starting to surface. While IoT devices have made human lives more comfortable, security concerns and data integrity continues to worry developers. So let’s take a glance at some of the top challenges concerning IoT Cyber security.

The practice of using Default Credentials

A plethora of IoT organizations are providing devices and solutions with default credentials. Also, there is a tendency among customers not to change built-in credentials while using the device. Hackers only need the default admin password and username value to break-in to your systems. This is the reason that brute-force attacks are a common occurrence with IoT devices these days. Manufacturers should have enough responsibility to spread awareness about default credentials through user guides.

Outdated Software and Hardware

Have you ever stopped using a smartphone due to a lack of security updates? If you have answered yes, you know well that how unsecured it is to use the device. However, the same cannot be applied to an IoT device or software solution.

Due to its high value, it is impossible to stop using an IoT device when the manufacturer stops releasing security patches. A majority of IoT software and hardware manufacturers don’t care much about security updates. Though these products are secure at the time of buying, they become vulnerable to attacks in the absence of security updates.

Difficulty in Finding the Device when Attacked

Well, no developer and manufacturer can promise total security from various types of cyber-attacks. But the main issue with the IoT platform is a majority of users fail to recognize whether or not their devices are affected. Moreover, when there are a large number of IoT platforms, it is extremely difficult to assess and analyze every device and platform. Thus, there should be a protocol or common ground between manufacturers and developers from where they can identify hacked devices easily.

Data Protection and Underlying Security Issues

In the realm of highly connected devices, the protection of valuable data is quite significant. But with rising concerns of data breaches and security loopholes, protecting user data is quite tricky. Moreover, the instantaneous nature of data transfer has also given rise to various types of concerns amongst users.

One second it is there in your smartphone, the next moment it gets transferred to the cloud. What’s riskier is the fact that all these transfers are conveyed through the web, which often acts as a breeding ground for hackers.

Attack Prevention and Prediction

Cyber attackers are always on the lookout to exploit newer types of techniques in order to identify security breaches. In these types of situations, it is of paramount importance to not only prevent attacks but prevent them too. For connected IoT devoices, this challenge is long-term.

The modern devices interconnected on the cloud make use of threat intelligence for predicting security issues. Also, with the advent of AI, IoT devices come equipped with analytics tools. But all these techniques are difficult to adapt in the entire range of IoT devices. For these technologies to run smoothly, devices should have the power to process data instantly.

Undoubtedly, IoT is a boon in today’s digital landscape. But as it connects to the internet directly, there have always been risks associated with its implementation. Hence, risk security management and mitigation become necessary to address underlying security challenges.


A Note To My Future Self

A Note To My Future Self

Dear Future Self,

Call me old-fashioned, but because in this day and age we have not yet perfected an apparatus in which self-talk throughout the years is possible, I am left with no choice but to write you this quick note.

Self, if there is anything you should do right now, stop and be grateful!

You only have to take a look around you. All this is because of everything I have done in the past and am doing now FOR YOU! Millions would walk thousands of miles to be in your shoes, hungry for the things you enjoy and take for granted.

I want you to know that you mean everything to me, and I am so happy and grateful that I am staying the course, busting a gut, following this path, whatever you want to call it. Also, I continue to grow as a person and change for the better.

I love you with all my heart, self, even if you are just a grey-haired, wrinkly version of me!

future self

Lest we forget, I am not the only one who has helped you become the person you are today. Thank the others who have shared the joys and problems with you. Where would you be without Dad? Yes, you remember him. He backed you to the hilt when no-one else would. He was not perfect, but he always made sure you were OK in every way.

Mum brought you into this world and has been there from year one.

She did everything for you in the most selfless ways. She sacrificed herself for you in ways you and I will never know. These two people made me who I am now, so I am building on the foundation that they set to make you. I hope they can be proud of us, and I am sure that you feel the same way.

And what about our spouse? Look at our colossal spouse right now. I made some terrible mistakes with this incredibly important person, and still, we did not get divorced. Yes, our spouse is not a saint either, and I, too, had to forgive things that were not acceptable. What happened between our spouse and us no longer matters, neither in my time nor yours.

Some will think we sailed through this life of ours. Naturally, you and I know different, and that is what counts.

Self, the roller coaster has taken us in many different directions, making us dizzy with various emotions attached.

It did not come easy at all; those forehead wrinkles are a testament to that. However, because you are reading this now, you know that we made it happen. And by that, I mean this life of ours. I want you to be proud of my accomplishments and hope that you have learned from my mistakes. Just be smart about things, and be firm in your decisions. Remember to have conviction with your words and actions and apologize for any errors you cause. Most importantly, know in our hearts, that I will always believe in you.

self love and gratitudeAlso, I want you to enjoy these days, months, and years that you have in front of you, just as I planned. As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it quite poignantly,

“Most of the shadows in this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.”

Be thankful for nature, for history, for your team winning for a change, for the sunshine on your face, for another day at the office, for the people in the past who did not make it this far for whatever reason, for the freedoms you enjoy, for great food and drink, for those crazy but sincere friends, for family, for all the experiences and lessons you encountered.

Be grateful for life and all the blessings it brings to you!

With love always to my future self,

Someone You Used To Be

(C)Power of Positivity, LLC. All rights reserved


Health and Headsets: The Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Health and Headsets: The Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Health and Headsets: The Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare

It’s official. The future of augmented reality will have a major impact on the healthcare industry.

In fact, some of this technology has already transcended from science fiction to science fact. More and more, both healthcare professionals and patients are seeing the indispensable value of AR in the medical field.

For one thing, AR outperforms previous medical visual aids in terms of cost and effectiveness. And, for the most part, AR technology is cheap, accurate, interactive, and available to the general public. The applications are limitless!

To learn more about AR in healthcare, read this guide.

Healthcare Education

AR can be used as an excellent, interactive visual aid for education. For example, it can work as a simulated x-ray, showing patients specific parts of their internal anatomy. The AR lets them see how these parts work and how certain health problems, medications, or medical procedures affect their body.

This same type of tool is also beneficial for those training for a career in healthcare. Using AR, surgeons in training can practice on a dummy that looks like a living, breathing human.

AR in Practice

This same visual aid described above can help actual surgeons prep for real surgery. It gives them a virtual, three-dimensional look into the patient’s body before the incisions begin.

Thus, they can view the many layers of body tissue (veins, muscle, bones, organs) with great accuracy. This, in turn, improves the accuracy of surgical preparations, such as the size and location of necessary incisions.

Lower-level healthcare workers can use this technology to locate veins for bloodwork. An example of this that’s in use today is AccuVein.

Dentists could use AR combined with patient x-rays and dental history to display relevant, customized information during dental procedures. The AR display would pinpoint/label details of the patient’s dental information, such as cavities and fillings, overlayed over their actual mouth. Learn more here.

AR Healthcare Apps For Patients

Patients can download AR apps to help them learn and perform physical therapy exercises correctly. For example, an AR app can tell patients if they are positioned properly when doing the exercise.

Plus, such apps can measure the patient’s progress, like how much their range of motion in a certain joint has increased. This is hugely beneficial for encouraging PT patients and helping them reach their goals. 

It also makes PT more convenient. Since patients can monitor their own performance and track their own progress, they’ll need far fewer appointments with their therapist.

Beyond PT, patients can use AR apps to scan their immediate surroundings to locate medical services. AED4EU is one such app.

It overlays information over the user’s smartphone camera, directing them to the nearest automated external defibrillator. Users can get access to these life-saving devices the very minute the emergency occurs instead of waiting half an hour for first responders to arrive. 

The Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare

The future of augmented reality will change the healthcare industry forever. Next time you have an appointment, ask your doctor how AR technology can help you.

Now, find more breaking healthcare news on our health blog.


Why Is Content Marketing Hogging the Attention? Here’s the Future of Print Advertising

Why Is Content Marketing Hogging the Attention? Here's the Future

Why Is Content Marketing Hogging the Attention? Here’s the Future of Print Advertising

In 2011, the number of smartphones in the US surpassed the number of people. More people are looking at their phones than reading print. Is the future of print ad campaigns dead and gone? 

If you own and operate a business, you’re always thinking about the future of advertising and marketing. You need to be able to keep up with the times if you expect to succeed in the business world. 

You may notice people these days talking a lot about digital marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. 

While these will likely continue to be important, what about print marketing? Continue reading about print advertising and find out if it still has a future. 

Print Advertising Isn’t Dead!

Here’s a spoiler: print marketing will remain alive so long as there remains a physical customer presence. Many experts will tell you print marketing still holds incredible value alongside your digital marketing campaign. 

Even with the advent of computers, mobile phones, tablets, and virtual reality, even young people have an affinity for paper. 

The Permanent Nature of Print  

Digital content is fleeting. When you design your digital marketing campaign, you need to think about constant updates to your internet content. 

This is true for your blog and various social media platforms. 

Print on paper carries an inherent feel of permanence. In a digital world, it can feel like information comes and goes with a moment’s notice. 

Think about ancient collections of books. With proper care, print has the potential to last forever. 

While this is true of the digital, digital information is quickly lost beneath mountains of information. 

Entice Customers to an Online Experience 

So far as we can tell, the best way to think about print advertising is as a complement to your digital brand. For example, you might consider getting customized stickers with your social media links printed across it. 

You can use your print ads to encourage potential customers to interact with your brand on an online platform. 

Will Print Disappear Forever? 

Of course, there is an anxiety about the future of print as a medium. Books, magazines, and newspapers face a certain uncertainty. 

It follows print advertising may soon lose traction. 

Soon, our augmented realities may overlay our present physicality. Print may soon disappear from the collective memory of humanity. 

Sound a bit like a science fiction dystopia? Already, we are seeing digital information integrate with reality in real time. 

The future of technology and its implications are still vague. One thing is certain, though. The future of print and print marketing is uncertain. 

Live in the Present 

Although the future of print and marketing are uncertain, you and your business should continue to live in the present. For now, print advertising remains a valuable asset in your marketing campaign. 

Print can be a great complement to your digital marketing campaign as you build your brand. 

Always stay up to date on the business world and find out what works and what doesn’t. To find more advice on marketing and business, visit our marketing section. 



Viagra Over the Counter: Is This In Our Future?

Viagra Over the Counter: Is This In Our Future?

Viagra Over the Counter: Is This In Our Future?

It’s been a long time coming.

If you live in the UK, you’ll soon be able to purchase viagra over the counter. UK lawmakers have based their decision on a few key factors–namely, improving access to viable ED solutions and keeping men away from dangerous black ma

But, it remains to be seen whether or not America will offer Viagra over the counter? Should they?

Below, we’ll give you the rundown on the new regulations for UK men, as well as the pros and cons of offering the ED drug without a prescription.

What’s the Deal with The New Rule?

First, the UK changed their cigarette regulations (see the Eurobacco blog for details), now we’re moving on to something a little more, ahem, interesting.

Starting in Spring 2018, men will no longer need to obtain a prescription for the erectile dysfunction medication, Viagra.

Instead, they will now be able to purchase the drug over the counter from their local pharmacies. That’s not to say any UK man can waltz into the drug store and buy a pack of sildenafil alongside their body wash and cold medicine.

Instead, the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has left the decision to pharmacists. Men over 18 will be required to discuss their decision to buy Viagra with the pharmacist, who will ultimately be responsible for determining whether this product can be safely used on an individual basis.

Experts say the change was made, in part to help men who may not feel comfortable talking to a general practitioner about ED gain access to legitimate solutions.

As it stands, the only other option for those unable to get a prescription is turning toward black market sellers, many of whom peddle products with dangerous or unknown effects.

What is Viagra Really For?

Ok, we all know that the purpose of viagra is to stimulate an erection in men with ED. That said, it might not be appropriate for every guy struggling in the bedroom.

The drug is marketed toward older men who complain about not having the sexual desire or function they had in their younger years. Whether that’s from stress, aging, or medications, there are countless reasons for performance issues.

Black Market Viagra

One of the chief reasons for reclassifying the drug in the UK was to prevent the issue of black market Viagra purchases.

If you’ve ever looked in your spam folder, you’re likely all too aware of those websites that offer Viagra and generic male enhancement products online, no prescription required.

Unfortunately, many of these websites are illegal. There are no regulations in place that protect the men that buy ED drugs through these channels. They remain popular because so many men feel that they can’t afford to pay $65+ for a single Viagra pill or they’re embarrassed about their condition.

Unfortunately, these drugs pose some risks. You don’t know if you’re getting Viagra or a pill laced with dangerous ingredients. There’s no quality assurance, and often, it’s hard to trace who is in charge of these websites or where they are coming from.

Over the past several years, the MHRA has confiscated millions of dollars worth of counterfeit ED drugs.

Risks of Offering Viagra Over the Counter

Well, the risk of course always lies in the side effects. According to the official Viagra website, the most common side effects are dizziness, flushing, nausea, and a racing heartbeat.

Less common, are complications like heart attack or stroke, irregular heartbeat, and even death. While most men will do fine with the appropriate dose of Viagra, it may be a challenge to figure out the appropriate dose without the intervention of a primary care doctor.

Viagra, Cialis, and their generic counterparts are designed to stimulate blood flow to the penis, by boosting nitric oxide levels.

Nitric oxide works as a vasodilator, which means it helps widen blood vessels to improve the flow of blood. This makes it easier for men to get an erection–and keep one.

Like any drug, vasodilators come with a range of side effects. But, the real risk of offering Viagra over the counter is, that erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of a larger health issue.

Without a required visit to the doctor, some men may be skipping out on tests or questions that may reveal something much worse than the lack of sexual function.

According to the Mayo Clinic, erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or multiple sclerosis.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Viagra isn’t necessarily this magic pill that can make your sex life better. If you’re dealing with relationship troubles, it won’t restore lost desire for your partner, nor will it bring your sexual function back to what it once was. But, it can be a major boon for men looking to improve their intimate lives.

By offering Viagra over the counter, the UK has removed some barriers to access for men, and ultimately, that’s a good thing. Plus, buying the drug at the pharmacy is a whole lot safer than the ordering ED pills from one of the countless black market e-pharmacies.

That said, it’s unclear if the drug will be available over the counter in American pharmacies. It could make things safer for those buying pills from unvetted vendors, but forgoing a doctor visit can clearly come with some risks.

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