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12 Actions a Person With a Hidden Agenda Displays Before Revealing Themselves

12 Actions a Person With a Hidden Agenda Displays Before

We’ve all had at least one toxic person in our professional and private lives over the years. They may be relatives, friends, or coworkers who subtly weave you into their personal agenda.

It may take months or even years before you realize what this individual is doing behind the scenes. Not all manipulative people are inherently evil. Some are conditioned at an early age to believe that the world owes them something, and people are in their lives for their advantage.

On the other hand, just because someone is a good person doesn’t mean your chemistry isn’t toxic. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an invisible truth detector that could reveal everyone who lies and only wants to use you?

Just think of all the frustration and heartache it would have saved you over the years. Unfortunately, there’s no such machine, and you must rely on well-honed instinct and intuition to detect selfish agendas.

The motives behind some manipulative people may be evident to you, and you can easily break ties. Others can craftily wrap you into a web of guilt and a false sense of responsibility to them, and they influence your thinking. They eventually snare you into a burdensome relationship that does nothing but benefit themselves.

Red Flags Someone Has a Hidden Agenda

How can you discern a toxic person before you become an unwilling participant in his sordid agenda? You can’t always avoid being burned in a personal or professional relationship, but some red flags are detectible. Here are 12 actions a person with a hidden agenda displays before revealing themselves.

1. He Triggers Gut Feelings

Your powers of intuition are just as vital as your reasoning and reaction skills. While we all have it, some learn to improve their intuitive gifts. Sorting out manipulative people requires you to trust your gut feelings.

Have you ever been around somebody and just felt that something was off? He may seem perfectly pleasant and accommodating, but you still don’t resonate with his personality. Be wise and watch for other warning signs that this person may not be as he seems.

2. You Catch Her in Lies

Nobody is above telling a little white lie to protect themselves or someone else, and we learn the deceptive art at an early age. However, consistent lying becomes a character flaw that can be detrimental to personal or professional relationships. There is no bond without trust and honesty.

A toxic person will often tell lies about the most senseless subjects. Does she create big whoppers about his past, career, or his abilities? If she is lying is so apparent about common issues, what other deceptions is she feeding you?

The perfect way for you to know that a person is lying to you is eye contact and body language. Most people can’t maintain good eye contact and seem awkward when they are deceptive. However, beware of pathological liars who show no signs and are so believable, they often deceive themselves.

toxic relationship3. She Talks About Her Favorite Subject: Herself

What can be more frustrating than to be stuck in a conversation with an egomaniac? Healthy dialogue is like a game of tennis, where the discussion volleys smoothly from one side to the other. If a person in your life continually monopolizes conversations, take note of it.

Narcissistic people secretly battle low self-esteem and fear, so they are compelled to stay in the limelight and belittle any perceived competition. You know the type, no matter what you know or have done, she can one-up you. If all she can talk about it herself, be assured that her agenda is just as selfish.

4. He Is on a Mission

How many times have you worked with a colleague on a project and saw that he wanted to ride your coat tails to success? Maybe you met a guy who seemed really into you until he hinted that you introduce him to your best friend? These manipulative people have a mission, and you are only a tool for their accomplishments.

You can often tell these self-interested ones within one or two conversations. Your new best friend may be working out fine until she gives you a stack of sale catalogs for products she represents. Fortunately, agendas like these are self-evident, and you can cut ties early before they become a problem.

5. You Observe Signs of Hypocrisy

When a person has a deep conviction about something, it remains true regardless of the company and situation. For example, how would you feel about a guy who says he values honesty, yet he didn’t pay for the desserts the server accidentally forgot on the bill on your last date.

It has been said that a person shows his real character when he thinks no one is watching or listening, if they don’t, then they are a hypocrite. Does the individual in your personal or professional relationship preach one set of values and practice another? If so, his benefits may be skewed, and his plan may not be one you appreciate.

6. He Is Obsessive About a Subject

Often, the thoughts and desires we keep hidden from our partners will manifest itself in other areas. However, some people are so preoccupied with personal gain that they discuss it obsessively. You may not need to do much research to get the hint.

What if you are in a romantic relationship, and you’ve created goals as a couple? Maybe you agreed that you would keep working after you got married. Wouldn’t you feel a little concerned if he kept suggesting that you will quit your job and stay at home soon?

Coworkers can also be visible when they want to use others to vie for higher positions and salaries. Listen to his conversations in the office and the break room. If his discussions are one-sided and manipulative, don’t get caught in his wave of self-promotion.

7. He Has a History of Being a Manipulator

Of course, we’ve all done things we weren’t proud of in the past. Some people learn from their mistakes, while others turn them into a lifetime of bad habits. As they say, love may be blind, but hindsight is twenty-twenty.

It pays you to notice patterns in your love interest’s life. Has he been married more times than a movie star? Have his past relationships been broken because he cheated, yet he swears he will be faithful to you? These are all classic signs that you need to watch as their manipulative tendencies could have caused this pattern.

honest person8. She’s Letting Anxiety Get the Best of Her

Women tend to let their anxiety show more than men, though that isn’t always the case. If you notice that she is showing signs of anxiety, such as dizziness, sweating, unable to sit still, and panicking, then it could be that she is toying with revealing a hidden agenda. She is, no doubt, nervous about how people will react to her plot being brought to the forefront.

9. You’ve Noticed His Body Language is Off

You can tell a lot from someone’s body language. If a hidden ploy is coming to light, then the body language might be forth-telling. If they are excited about the plan being exposed for their gain, then they may be giddy with excitement.

However, if they are nervous about their plot coming out, then they may be angry, irritable, grouchy, and quiet. Watch his body language because it can tell you more about the manipulator than anything that comes out of his mouth.

10. He Is Being Super Secretive

There’s an old saying that states that anything done in secret will always come out. If he has something that he is hiding, there is a reason for his secretive nature. It’s often his toxic intentions that are not ready to be exposed.

If you notice that he is secretive about everything in his life, or he takes his phone in the other room to avoid you hearing the conversation, then somethings up.

11. She Is a Bit on Edge

Oversized reactions are common when someone has a hidden agenda. Some may say these reactions are caused by their anxiety, kicking up as the body is going into that fight or flight response.

However, others may say that the real reason your friend is on edge is that they can become emotional at anything that derails their plans. It can also be that their apparent use of emotions serves as an attempt to shut down discussion in resistance to their goal.

12. Her Stories Don’t Add Up

It’s often the case that many people will start seeing the holes in a story long before the truth about a plot comes out. If you add the components together and find inconsistencies, it could be forth-telling about the big reveal.

You don’t want to accuse your friend because of a couple of discrepancies, but if you find that things don’t make sense, trust your gut feeling.

Final Thoughts on Detecting a Person with a Secret Agenda

It’s often the case that many people already know that something is off before anything is revealed in their toxic relationship. Always trust your gut instincts as they are there to protect you.

If you are genuinely caught off guard and had no clue what was happening, then you can use these red flags to keep you from getting into a situation like that again.


10 Hidden Behaviors Reveal That Your Coworker is a Gaslighter

10 Hidden Behaviors Reveal That Your Coworker is a Gaslighter

.Gaslighters are toxic people that you really should evict out of your life. While you may be fully aware of this, if the person is your coworker, you may not be able to avoid them altogether. What you can do is limited contact with these types of coworkers as much as possible. To do that, you need to know how to spot them. We share ten hidden behaviors that identify coworkers as gaslighters.

What is Gaslighting?

Before diving into how you can spot a coworker that is a gaslighter, you should know precisely what gaslighting is.

A gaslighter is psychologically manipulating a person by planting doubt in that person about the person’s perception, memory, or judgment. This tactic can often result in a loss of identity, low self-esteem, and a lack of confidence for the person they manipulate. This person can have narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies.

Ten Hidden Signs of a Gaslighter

1. They Lie and Exaggerate Blatantly

These people have no shame. They will tell blatant lies, both big and small. What is crazier is that they will lie directly to your face, knowing that you know the truth. It can get extremely bizarre when they begin to lie about big, obvious things – you know they are lying. Still, they are lying so convincingly you wonder if you possibly misunderstood something.

The lying tends to happen in levels. They might start small just to plant the seeds of doubt. It can even manifest in the form of overriding your opinions or feelings about certain things. For example, they may attempt to convince you that you love a particular food even though you’re sure you don’t. Eventually, the lies and exaggeration get worse and worse, but by then, they may already have you under their spell.

2. Behavior is Repetitive

The whole process of gaslighting takes some dedication. This person will not just deceive you occasionally. It will be a constant occurrence. It can be so consistent that you never know when you’re going to hear the truth from them, and in the event that they do tell the truth, it can be surprising.

After being exposed continuously to the lies and deception, incidences where they tell the truth or compliment, you could also be used as manipulation (more on this in another section). The bouncing back and forth from reality to lie, and the repetitive behavior can easily lead to the next sign.

3. You Feel Worn Down by Spending Time Around the Person

You’re human. You can only take so much. Strong-willed, confident people may not be affected as much as others, but the constant exposure to psychological warfare can wear your shell down.

This defeat is especially true when you are required to be around this person. For example, if your boss is doing the gaslighting, but you need your job, you may feel like you do not have a choice. You may begin to feel depressed, hopeless, and even worthless. Most of all, you can feel stuck.

If you are feeling worn down around a coworker, do what you can to stay away from them.


4. A Gaslighter Won’t Admit to Flaws

Gaslighters see themselves as more perfect than anyone else. They will rarely admit to any flaws, no matter who distinct they are. To them, you and everyone else are the ones who have it wrong. They would deny a fault just as they are performing it.

This denial can also manifest in the form of them calling you and everyone else liars. Even if you have proof of them being the liar, they will find some manipulative way to turn it around. This behavior can often be by telling more lies to support the original myth. Pretty soon, they will have an entire fabricated story that they use to prove that they are right and you are wrong.

5. A Gaslighter Issues a Constant Reminder of Your Flaws

We have already established that they will not admit to any flaws. However, they will be sure to remind you of all of yours, all the time. Doing this is a way to bring your self-esteem and self-confidence down so low that they have total control and domination over you.

With coworkers, this means could be expressed in actions such as discrediting your work or your work ethic.

They may say things like, “It doesn’t matter how hard you work. You’re just not a good fit for that promotion.”

They may say phrases like this with no proof at all that they are correct. If they do happen to find an actual flaw of yours, the taunting can be much worse.

6. They Blow Things Out of Proportion

If you do find some courage to challenge them when they are lying, manipulating you, or pointing out your flaws, prepare for war. They don’t take criticism well. They don’t like to take it at all.

Pointing out their flaws garners the same reaction as challenging their lies. In some cases, their response can escalate into the argument of the century. You must have very thick skin to make it through one of these arguments. If you don’t, you can be left feeling wrecked when the debate is over.

7. You Have a Sense of Walking on Eggshells

When you are dealing with a person who blows up at the simplest criticism, or that turns everything into something to use against you, it can make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells around them. You will begin to feel like you do or say the wrong things all the time. You may even notice that you are correcting yourself constantly to not trigger the person.

Being in this situation long term can lead to a lot of stress and mental exhaustion. It can affect your work performance because it becomes more about pleasing the gaslighter than doing your job. Staying away from coworkers like this is the best way to relieve your stress and anxiety.

psychopath8. Say One Thing, Do Something Else

You can never expect gaslighting people to lead by example. They do a lot of talking about what is right or wrong, what to do next, or what’s honorable or what’s not. After all this talking, they will turn around and do the exact opposite of what they said.

So pay attention to what they are doing over what they are saying. You already know that they are liars. However, the actions they take often tell the truth a lot more than their words. With gaslighting people, actions honestly do speak louder than words.

9. Confusing Compliments

Gaslighting people are masters at playing mind games. They know that if you start expecting them to be a liar and a bully all the time, their games will not be as effective as they would like. That is why they may throw in the occasional compliment. You can get so used to them putting you down regularly that when they give praise, you are completely confused about their authenticity. However, it is likely just a ruse.

When you get an unexpected compliment from this person, it is likely because you did something to help them, even if you didn’t know it. After all, they are not terrible people for no reason. A gaslighter’s primary purpose for their actions is to help themselves. When you seem to be on their side without question, you can expect the occasional compliment.

Do not fall for it. It will take next to nothing for them to start putting you down again.

10. Rallying Troops Against You

It is not enough for the person to wage psychological warfare on you by themselves. They will up the stakes by turning other coworkers against you. They are not beneath starting rumors and gossip or flat out lying to someone about something you said or did. Turning people against you works because the gaslighting person is usually playing their mind games on others in the office also.

Even as workplace tension increases, the gaslighting person will try to make you feel like it is your fault that people do not like you. There is a good chance that everyone loves you, but the gaslighting person just tells you lies to make you think people do not like you. If you are dealing with a coworker who consistently hints to you that others in the office have a problem with you or your work, you have found your gaslighter.

Final Thoughts on Working With a Gaslighter

If you recognize any of these qualities in your coworkers, you are in trouble if you work closely with these toxic people. They may attempt to sabotage your success and manipulate you into thinking it’s your fault. Even worse is that they are good at gaslighting. The best advice that you can follow is to distance yourself from the person. It can be hard to do at work, but in the end, it is better than working in a toxic environment.


10 Hidden Signs Of Mental Abuse To Never Ignore

10 Hidden Signs Of Mental Abuse To Never Ignore

Do you feel insulted, or perhaps your self-esteem has been reduced to flakes? Sometimes it’s the constant downplaying of your independence and dignity from your spouse that keeps your eyes wet most of the night. For a majority of people, emotional and mental abuse persists for extended periods as it doesn’t leave physical marks.

Mental abuse is often insidious, easy to cover, and can go undetected by close friends, family members, and even with the victim themselves. Unlike physical and sexual abuse, emotional abuse can be confusing. In this piece, we will discuss some of the commonly hidden signs of emotional abuse that should be clear tell-tales that you need to run.

10 Hidden Signs of Mental Abuse

If these sound like you, it could be time to make some hard decisions.

1 – Over-protectiveness

At the beginning of the relationship, when your spouse consistently communicates and checks-in to see how you are fairing, it may seem caring. The genuine concern could sweep your feet away, especially if you had been craving for an emotionally invested partner. Nonetheless, it’s easy for your partner to cross the line and turn these behaviors into harassment.

As time goes by, you may notice that your spouse intrudes on your personal space, threatens you when you don’t pick up your phone or text back immediately. A toxic partner will demand an ongoing account of your daily whereabouts and could even limit where you go and who you spend your time with. The relentless suffocation and harassment shouldn’t be confused for being concerned and caring.

cheating spouse

2 – Negative criticizing and humiliation

The abuser may have mastered the art of undermining your self-esteem and confidence in several ways. At first, it begins as “jokes” that shouldn’t move or anger you in any way. They continue to manifest into unrelenting and harsh criticisms that could break you into pieces. How do you spot this?

Toxic partners will ridicule your appearance, lifestyle choices, spending habits, and personal decisions. Your spouse may say out-rightly hurtful things about you and sugarcoat them as “jokes.” Sarcastic remarks have boundaries and shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself.

You may also notice that your toxic partner turns down all efforts that go into pointing out these harsh criticisms and humiliation. Your spouse may bring up earlier incidences where they made these jokes, and you didn’t confront them, he or she could make you second-guess yourself or shut you off by saying that you are overreacting. You aren’t crazy: if you feel humiliated about a partner’s comment, it’s time to table your emotions and thoughts.

3 – Hot and cold affection

Do you find yourself in the middle of cold wars always? While it’s common to argue with your partner about various things throughout your relationship, it’s not healthy for them to withhold affection, sex, or finances when you don’t comply with them. You’ve probably noticed that your spouse becomes hostile, cold, and irritated based on their emotions.

Their love is selfish and mainly relies on your willingness to bend your thoughts on a specific subject. This kind of affection is typically manipulative and aims at controlling you. You will often find yourself walking on eggshells to avoid disappointing or enraging them.

If you find yourself always self-editing or second-guessing yourself around them, it means you’ve recognized the mental abuse in your unhealthy relationship. Nonetheless, you have taken up the job to comfort their emotions first, all the time, equating to emotional abuse.

mental abuse

4 – Unfair blame game

Take a few minutes to recall how your arguments resolve. Are you always taking the blame for everything that goes wrong in your relationship? How many times have you received an apology for a wrong done to you?

In emotionally abusive cases, you are probably taking all the blame, and your partner hardly takes the blame mantle; it’s always your fault. In some cases, when the blame entirely falls on your spouse, he or she becomes manipulative, turns down the responsibility of accepting the mistake, and puts it on others. You are continually arguing and settling down arguments with a toxic partner who will never admit they made a mistake.

Over time, this form of emotional abuse gradually grows, and you may start to think that there’s something wrong with you. You may begin to reason that you aren’t good enough to keep your spouse calm and that their behaviors are justified. You eventually view yourself as an imperfect party while they take the perfect mantle.

5 – Your partner makes you feel small

It takes years of building confidence in yourself, and no one should belittle you into thinking otherwise. Unfortunately, mentally abusive partners usually are into the habit of downgrading and putting down their partners, which can be less apparent in the relationship’s initial stages. According to therapists, this is a tactic used by the abuser to garner control and power in a relationship.

Pay attention to how your spouse reacts to your achievements and strengths. Most abusers will show little or no interest in your progress. However, they will exploit every weakness or vulnerability.

You may also note many disturbing comments that belittle you and your accomplishments. They may also compare you and your strengths to other people to make you feel inadequate. With more passing time, your self-esteem can slowly diminish to become a shadow of itself.

6 – Placing ultimatums

As earlier discussed, a toxic partner is naturally manipulative and gets to reveal himself or herself within the course of the relationship. A threat doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a gun to your head. On the contrary, you will be forced to do something against your will despite knowing that the decision or move doesn’t make you happy.

Have you found yourself doing things that don’t make you happy so that you can maintain the smile on your toxic partner’s face? Does your spouse threaten to leave you if you fail to adhere to their desires and wants? Placing ultimatums in your relationship is a clear indication that you are in an emotionally abusive commitment where everything that matters depends on your partner’s wants and needs entirely.

7 – What’s in the past doesn’t remain in the past

As it should be, once you’ve discussed an argument and forgiven each other, the incidence should be buried. Easier said than done with most mental abuse cases. Emotional abusive people are always in the habit of holding and reviving grudges to maintain some sort of control and power in an unhealthy relationship.

You may notice that your spouse goes into defensive mode when they are in the wrong. They will quickly overturn facts through reviving past mistakes and incidences to defend their behavior and regard themselves as “good and justified.”

Eventually, you will find yourself arguing about the same thing over and over again, and nothing resolves completely. High chances are you will always take the blame to avoid dragging the argument.

8 – One-sided relationship

A one-sided relationship is a dangerous relationship. It mainly involves one party putting all the effort, time, and energy into making it work and keeping the other happy. It’s never reciprocated. In many cases, the one putting in all the effort often is the victim of mental abuse.

Look at it more like a bully forcing you to make them happy and satisfied while they do nothing to make you happy in return. This manipulative tactic is common among people who get comfortable in a relationship once they know their spouse is already engaged in it. In the end, the victim loses a lot more, including themselves, into the one-sided relationship.


9 – You find yourself apologizing for things you haven’t done

Do you find yourself apologizing for things your toxic partner forcefully accuses you of? Mental abusers have a way of getting into your head, manipulating you, and coercing you into apologizing for something you haven’t done.

Here’s an example. You decide to catch up with a friend or workmate and fail to pick his or her call. Therefore, your spouse may conclude you are cheating.

With receipts and accusations all geared at forcing you to confess that you cheated, you could end up apologizing for something your toxic partner framed and made-up. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to bend your truth to accommodate your partner’s accusations, things need to change. These continued habits could force you into isolation and self-doubt.

10 – Putting on an act

Mental abuse can seemingly last for ages, mainly because the abuser acts personable, attractive, and charming in public. This makes it hard to explain the real picture to friends and family who have a different perspective on the individual. This is the same reason why victims fall into their abusers’ arms as the abuser initially sweeps off their feet before revealing his or her true identity.

Would you describe your spouse as the same person both in public and when they are with you? If your answer is confusing, you probably have an abuser for a partner. Mental abusers are willing to put on an act for as long as the victim plays along.

mental abuse
Here are signs you partner is manipulating you. It could be time to move on.

Final thoughts on mental abuse

Unlike verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, mental abuse typically lasts longer. The abuse is silent, and victims unsuspecting. If not rectified immediately, the violence often culminates into physical abuse after taking a significant toll on your mental health. Recognize these signs of mentally abusive relationship. Indeed, you could help yourself or a loved one to walk out of a dangerous and disastrous relationship.


9 Hidden Signs He’s Playing Games with Your Heart

9 Hidden Signs He's Playing Games with Your Heart

Relationships are a game for some men. They pull you in, then spit you back out. Many times we fall for it thinking he’s our soulmate. Watch out. We’ve got nine not so visible signs he’s playing games with your heart.

Nine Subtle Signs He’s Playing Games With Your Heart

1. Roller Coaster Of Love

If a man has you on his roller coaster of love, he’s playing games. It isn’t fair to you that some days he feels like calling and texting while other days he disappears. Sometimes he seems excited about the future while other days he looks a million miles away. This roller coaster of a relationship is insane. You’re the one getting whiplash while he strings you along for the ride.

Sometimes he truly might be busy. Other times he just might be a jerk. Sometimes guys just lose interest. This behavior hurts you but is better than the man that wants you as his pawn.

These types of men just test you to see how far you’ll ride. They want to see if you’ll keep playing because as long as you play, they get exactly what they want in a partner. Ask them upfront if they’re taking you on a ride, or if they’re truly interested in you, but don’t know how to show it in the right way.

2. They Have No Other Allies

Some women fall for the sweet, mysterious type of man that seems to be a loner. Yes, there are great men out there just like this, but there’s also the narcissist that isolate their partners. You may notice he’s controlling of anyone around him. In fact, there’s hardly anyone else ever around him because of this.

No one wants to fall prey to his games. He’s playing games by making you think you’re the most special person in his life, but in reality, he doesn’t have many people in his life at all. This is because this game usually involves using people until they no longer have the need for them. You don’t need a lot of friends if you’re always trading them in.

You’ll notice he has many former girlfriends, but it was always their fault the couple split. You’ll notice he’s no longer friends with his buddies because the buddies did something to end the friendship. When someone doesn’t have allies on their side, there’s usually more to the story.

pop meme

3. They’re Too Sensitive

Sometimes men are born sensitive. Other times they’re playing games with your heart. Narcissistic men don’t respond well to criticism at all. They feel they’re above criticism. You might be joking, but they don’t take it that way. When men are too sensitive, it sometimes means they’re just playing with your emotions.

They want you to feel bad for being “mean” to them. When they don’t get their way, you’re in trouble. They need to feel in control at all times. When you hit their buttons, they may show you their sad side, making you feel horrible. The world isn’t going to cater to them.

They don’t understand why everyone isn’t on their side. Men that take offense to everything you say without you giving your side aren’t worth your time.

4. They Have No Empathy

If someone has no empathy for you, it’s time to run. A relationship needs to be a balanced one where both parties listen to both sides of arguments. If a man has no empathy towards your viewpoints in life or things that have happened in your life, it’s all a game to him.

You’ll notice he doesn’t have much feeling about anything in other people’s lives. He claims to be close to people but doesn’t worry about what’s going on in their life. He might not even realize you’re going through a tough time. When you disagree, he won’t budge no matter your feelings on the subject.

In all reality, you aren’t “together” in the sense of being a couple at all. If you can never unite with empathy and sympathy, you’re just riding along together on that roller coaster.

These fifteen images prove that chivalry is, indeed, alive and well.

5. You Can Never See Their True Self

It’s possible to be with someone, yet never know who they are when they’re playing games. The game is all about the mask. You can even live with someone without them taking off that mask. This is because some men simply hide their feelings and who they are. It’s not even about you. It’s all about their insecurities as a person.

The game is all about how long they can keep you around without you seeing behind their mask. Some men don’t like to be vulnerable at all. They may not be able to take off their mask because it’s protection for them. You never see if they have any true redeemable qualities because they won’t let you. Don’t worry. This game is not because you’re not “good enough.”

This game is because they feel the mask is who they are, and it’s the only way they’ll ever survive in their world.

Learn why only some people reveal their true colors during a breakup.

6. They Need All The Attention

If your man needs to be in the spotlight at all times, it might mean he’s playing games. If he gets all of the credit for the relationship, you’re just a pawn. Some men want the fame when they do nothing much in the relationship.

They may seem to be the prize of all the men, yet they’re scumbags. When they’re on a pedestal, they have the power. They love attention because they feel powerful. They may portray themselves as a martyr who needs support in life.

Basically, they will do anything they can to get the attention they need for their ego. In a relationship, if you both don’t have the attention you deserve, there is no need to be in it. He needs to treat you like you’re on a pedestal as well.

7. His Eyes Are Always Roaming

It’s okay if your man has a normal wandering eye. Most men are programmed to notice beauty in women. It becomes a problem when you notice he is always staring at other women, find random texts on his phone, or notice him talking to lots of women.

He may claim they’re just friends, but some men have a deeper motive. It’s simply disrespectful in a serious relationship to have lots of women on your dance card. If he’s streaming you along just so he can reach the next height of women, figure it out and run away. If he cheated on someone else with you, take note that he may do it again.

For some men, one woman is never enough. It might also be the fact he wants a lot of different women. Don’t take it personally. Some men just cannot be fulfilled with just one woman. They play games to figure out which one will do the most for them physically and mentally. A cheater will tell you anything you want to hear to get you off his back about the other women.

Don’t believe him unless he’s sincere. Don’t waste your time with someone that will never have enough love in his life.

8. It’s All About Acceptance

The acceptance game goes beyond a mask. Their goal in this game is to make themselves seem like a wonderful person just to be favored. They want to be the most popular person in the room. You fall for their kind, sweet persona because they want you to favor them.

They don’t truly care if you care about them, but they want that acceptance. They crave to be on top of the world. You’re just in this game because you help accelerate them to this power couple status. They may pretend to agree with you on everything.

Or he’ll pretend that he supports your side. Finally, he may even act like your values are their values. It’s all about getting acceptance then moving on.

9. It’s Always Your Fault

One of the meanest ways to play with your heart is the wrongful assignment of fault. The guy that sends you on a guilt trip is the wrong man for you. He will manipulate everything into being your fault. Many women fall for this in a relationship because they want to keep the man, and they are hopeful that things will change.

They might not even realize they’re being manipulated. Many times a man will seem empathetic and then slowly reveal his true motives. They start showing you through emotions that they’re sad you hurt them. It’s always the fact you hurt them instead of they did anything wrong.

It’s easy to turn things around in their favor. If you start seeing a pattern, stand your ground. Don’t stay around to be the victim when they seem to always be the one suffering for love.

playing gamesFinal Thoughts on Ending Things With Somone Who’s Playing Games

Don’t feel disappointed in this relationship.

In the end, if a man is playing games with your heart, he’s the loser.  Know that you can win the game by leaving him. You don’t need to be a pawn to anyone that doesn’t deserve you as a partner.


4 Advertising Techniques for Hidden Security Cameras

4 Advertising Techniques for Hidden Security Cameras

4 Advertising Techniques for Hidden Security Cameras

For companies looking to reach a larger audience for hidden security cameras, there has never been a better time. As crime and burglaries affect both home and office, more people are looking to protect their belongings.

The average loss on a home burglary is nearly $4,000. With a fraction of the cost, homeowners can cut down on any chance of loss.

But without the right advertising techniques, both home and business owners won’t know about the benefits of hidden security cameras. In the digital marketplace, there’s a risk your information could get lost in the shuffle unless you use the best strategy.

Follow these can’t-miss advertising techniques to help your current and future clients get the protection they need.

1. Focus on Content for All Advertising Techniques

Creating quality content is a good way to boost your advertising online. You can showcase the expertise of your company, brand, and products.

Too many companies fail to showcase the ways their product and service can help customers. But if you have the benefits of Sentel Tech hidden security cameras to promote, it pays to present these to your audience.

There’s no one way to craft and create content. Videos, social media, and writing are all great content channels.

But make sure you focus on the quality of the content to get the most mileage out of it.

2. Host Your Own Blog

A great way to use that content is to host a blog on your own website. That way, you can reach potential customers with quality content.

Hosting your own blog will increase visitor traffic and also increase SEO. By using your own website as a vehicle for your content, potential clients will be more likely to find you when they need you.

3. Facebook and Social Media

Facebook and social media are also excellent ways to get the word out. While different social media channels offer paid advertising and marketing solutions, it’s important to be involved in any effort.

This means integrating content with your social media use. By providing content that’s unique and interesting, you’ll have others doing your marketing work.

They’ll share the information you provide if it’s helpful.

4. Protect Your Brand

Brand management needs to be the core foundation of any advertising strategy. But the only way to protect a brand is to know your values and goals.

Starting with the needs of your clients and building around that will create a durable brand.

Get the Support You Need

Burglaries and break-ins don’t just happen inside the home or office. In fact, nearly one-third of all Americans suffer from package theft.

The right advertising for hidden cameras won’t only help your business. You’ll be protecting your clients, too.

Unless you integrate a content strategy with the needs of your clients, you can’t expect to grow your business. For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, the tasks of managing both operations and advertising can be overwhelming.

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