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10 Long Distance Date Ideas for Couples to Build Bonds

10 Long Distance Date Ideas for Couples to Build Bonds

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, primarily when you long distance date, your love. Perhaps you swooned over stories about lovelorn ladies writing to their beaus who were soldiers overseas. These heartfelt situations make some of the best romantic movies.

Some of the most common distant relationships still involve deployed military personnel and their lovers or spouses. Studies reveal that regular communication is vital to keep the bonds of love healthy while another partner is away. They found that hearing each other’s affirmation of love helped them cope with the difficulty of being apart.

Another familiar way that couples must love from a distance is while attending college. These couples realize that their education is essential to their future, so they sacrifice proximity for successful home life in the long run. For others, a lucrative out-of-town job may keep their partner away for days or weeks.

The temporary separation may be even more challenging for the partners who are away because they are homesick and lovesick at the same time. For centuries, love letters were the glue that kept distant relationships together. Today, computer applications like Zoom and Skype provide couples a chance to chat face-to-face in real-time.

How to Bring Your Hearts Closer When Your Lover Is Away

No one said that long-distance relationships are easy. It involves patience, understanding, and a lot of communication. However, relationship experts warn against constant contact because it could be perceived as controlling or desperately needy.

Are you cultivating a long-distance date night with your person? It’s not easy to be away from the one who holds your heart. However, you can still boost the romance factor in your relationship with long distance date ideas.

1. Watch a Movie Together

What were the movies you watched together when you first started to date? Surprisingly, not every couple bonded over romantic comedies or drama. Many found common ground while watching slap-stick comedy, adventure, and even thrillers.

Why not choose a flick from your favorite genre and watch it together on Zoom or Skype? Bring the total movie theater experience and suggest that your partner also makes some popcorn and snacks. Sit back, relax, and revel in each other’s company as you watch a beloved movie or pick a new one to view.

2. Have a Dinner for Two

Many treasured dates are spent around the table enjoying excellent food, drink, and romance. Food has been the language of love since the beginning. Even a lavish plate of delicacies and a vintage wine doesn’t taste the same when you dine alone.

You needn’t forego dinner reservations just because your sweetheart is miles away. Recreate the ambiance for dinner pour Deux over the computer, complete with candles and roses. Both of you dress in your most beautiful, have your preferred meal delivered, and dine together via Facetime.

3. Play Your Favorite Board Game or Video Game

Thanks to modern technology, you can play videos with other gaming enthusiasts from around the world. You can see the gaming scene, but specific programs allow you to see and talk to the other players. If you and your distant amour are gamers, it makes an ideal long distance date.

Ok, what if you both prefer traditional board games over high-tech video ones? Use a face-to-face program to play many of the classic games you love. These virtual games are just as easy to play as the real ones, and you can enjoy quality time with a little friendly competition.

4. Enjoy a Beautiful Sunrise or Sunset

What is it about the heavenly bodies that mesmerize us or instantly put us in a romantic mood? Think of the sweet whispers of love you’ve shared while gazing at a breathless sunrise or sunset. The minutes between dusk and dawn have always had a magical quality that entrances lovers.

It’s comforting to know that wherever your darling is, you can see the same sun, moon, and stars. If you are both in different time zones, you can schedule a long distance date to revel in a sunrise or sunset. Even if you are a day behind, you can watch the sunrise while it sets where your lover is and wish each other good morning or sweet dreams.

5. Get Cozy with a Good Book

The famous author C.S. Lewis proclaimed that when we read, we know that we are not alone. If work, school, or military deployment has taken your partner to faraway places for a while, you know about lonely. A long-distance date idea you might consider is sharing a good book.

Think of it as a book club for two. Choose a title, get a copy for both of you, and then read and discuss it during your virtual date. Do you have a panache for poetry? Why not learn to each other from your favorite poet or share some sonnets of love.

If you love to read, you probably enjoy writing, too. Have you ever thought of penning a short love story with you and your partner as the main characters? You might also try your hand at writing a heartfelt poem dedicated to your darling.

6. Share a Night of Romance under the Stars

Imagine lying with your lover on the lawn, caressed by the moon under a blanket of stars. Have the two of you ever relaxed in a hammock on a balmy evening and wished on a shooting star? Stargazing is a heavenly way to spend your long-distance date.

Bring your computers outside and use your video camera to give each other a glimpse of the night skies as it appears on each other’s side of the world. Try to trace the constellations as you delight in your lover’s company. Imagine you both are whisked away into the Starry Night by Van Gogh during this extended distant date.

7. Bring Out your Inner Artists

Since nobody has figured out if life imitates art or the other way around, we can assume that the two are intimately connected. Are you or your distant sweetheart a budding artist? You needn’t be Leonardo Da Vinci to channel what inspires you onto paper.

While it’s attractive to use various mediums for your art, a simple pencil and a sheet of paper will do. Have fun on your virtual long-distance date and hone your artistic skills together. Have you ever considered posing for each other to draw romantic portraits? These inspiring drawings can be as intimate as you like since they are for your eyes only.

8. Brainstorm and Daydream Together

Some of your fondest memories may have been the times you spent planning your future as a couple. Perhaps you lay on a blanket on the beach listening to the waves thunder their approval of your dreams. A long distance date may not have been on your plan, but you can still embrace the hopes and dreams that sparked your love.

While chatting live on your long-distance date, continue to share your dreams. You might need to adjust the goals and timing a bit, but they are still yours. Keep a journal together of your aspirations, and revisit them when you long to be together in person.

9. Fall in Love Again with Your Favorite Music

Just about every couple has an enduring song they claim as their own. Usually, this song invokes a particular time and place when you first heard it. Maybe it was played the first time you danced together or a song from your wedding.

Bring the magic of music into your time together and listen to some of your favorite songs. If you like to sing, you might surprise your distant mate with a karaoke version. If you are instrumentally talented, you can play the piano or guitar while you serenade each other.

10. Surprise Gift Exchange

Have you ever bought a gift for your lover just with the thoughts of the look on his face when he opens it? Unfortunately, you can’t have the same satisfaction when you send your gift through the mail, or can you? If you can resist the temptation and wait, you can open surprise gifts as a long distance date idea.

Send each other something thoughtful that each will love, and it needn’t be expensive. Are you a crafty person? Why not create a beautiful item by hand rather than to buy something? Handmade gifts are often more treasured than something from the department store.

On your face-to-face long distance date, open the gifts simultaneously to see the reactions. For some of these virtual gift exchanges, you both may consider gifting a humorous gag item for a memorable laugh. It doesn’t need to be a birthday or a holiday to send your special someone a gift that says you long to be with them again.

Final Thoughts of Keeping a Connection with These Long Distance Date Ideas

Modern technology and telecommunications have made virtual dating a reality. Whether your partner or spouse is in another city or across the globe, try some of these long distance date ideas. When you are in love, time and distance don’t matter.


15 Romantic Indoor Date Ideas

15 Romantic Indoor Date Ideas

Going out on the town is overrated. You can create a memorable evening in the comforts of home. Sometimes the weather isn’t cooperating, or you are not in the mood to get dressed up and go out. Whatever the reasons, having a date night at home is the perfect way to spend quality time together.

Just because you are home doesn’t mean a date must consist of pizza and movies. If you decide not to go out for the evening, then you have more options than you could imagine. You and your love might enjoy it so much that your indoor date ideas require more than one night to complete.

Unique Home Dates

If romance is a cake, then variety is the icing. Nothing spices up a relationship more than creativity and spontaneity. Are you ready to spend some quality time with your one and only? Why not consider these fifteen indoor date ideas.

indoor date ideas

1. Get Things Hot in the Kitchen

Are you and your partner foodies at heart? Instead of spending a fortune in a fancy restaurant, create a dinner for two that suits your fancy. When you control the ingredients and how things are prepared, your meal may be healthier and tastier than anything you could buy.

Add some pizazz to your kitchen date and provide a theme. Travel to exotic places in your cooking and discover international foods you have always wanted to try. Set the mood with a lovely table setting that echoes your evening date’s cuisine.

2. Bring the Theater Home

Do you get frustrated with the crowds of noisy people and trying to find excellent seats in your local theater? Nix the cinema rush and bring the theater experience to your living room with some clever indoor date ideas. It’s cheaper than movie tickets, and you’ll have the best seats in the house.

Did you know that you can purchase recent blockbuster hits on your smart tv? If you and your sweetie prefer an older flick, you may watch it online for a small fee or nothing. Just plug your computer into your big screen and surround sound for a thrilling cinematic effect.

Before your movie begins, load down the coffee table or your bedroom nightstands with popcorn, candy, drinks, and other favorite snacks. Turn off your phones and dim the lights to set the mood. Cuddle up with your lover and enjoy a fun movie without interruption.

3. Have a Private Spa Night

You’ve probably seen the ads in glossy magazines about hiring massage therapists for in-home couple treatments. Doesn’t that sound like one of the best indoor date ideas ever? While this sounds relaxing with a hint of adventure, these professional services can be quite expensive.

If your budget does allow a visit to an afternoon spa or the services of a massage therapist, it’s ok. For the ultimate indoor date idea, turn your bath and bedroom into a relaxing spa retreat. With a little planning and inspiration, an exclusive spa night isn’t difficult.

Fill the room with candles, incense, and appropriate music to set the mood. You needn’t be a professional massage therapist to pamper each other with gentle, loving massages. Afterward, relax together in a warm bubble bath, complete with champagne on ice.

pop meme

4. Celebrate an Evening of Wine and Roses

Are you and your love wine connoisseurs? While going on a wine tour of Napa Valley might be your dream date, it may not be possible. Instead, you should do the next best thing and taste some Vino at your place.

Purchase an assortment of wines that sound delicious, and neither of you has ever tried. You would be surprised that many quality wines are domestic and affordable. Pair your drinks of choice with a variety of cheeses, fruit, and of course, a bouquet of roses.

5. Do a Sundae this Sunday

Who says that ice cream sundaes are just for kids? Healthy relationships flourish when you are young at heart, so bring out the ice cream. For a casual, relaxing time, don’t bother changing out of your pajamas.

Line the counter with several tempting ice cream flavors and all the classic toppings, you both love. As you are making your frozen treats, watch how naturally the conversation and laughter comes. It will be a sweet occasion you will want to do again.

6. May I Have This Dance?

How often have you avoided dinner and dancing because you insist you don’t know how to dance? Now’s the time to end the excuses and learn a few steps at home, while you feel that nobody is watching you. Learning to dance together will open a whole new chapter in your book of romance.

You’ll find many basic dance step tutorials online. Clear some space in the living room, dress up, and dance to some romantic ballads. You can also cut the rug with a few fast-tempo songs. Soon, you may get the skills and courage to dance with your lover in public.

7. It’s Ok to Play Games

Knowing how to have fun and laugh together creates a healthy relationship. What could be more fun than an evening of your favorite board games? If you don’t have any, borrow some from friends or your kids.

Make some simple, yummy snacks and challenge your partner in the games you loved as a kid. You’re sure to have a romantic game night if you play Twister. Before the games begin, decide a special prize for the winner that you both will enjoy.

8. How About a Mystery Date

Years ago, there was an entertaining board game for girls called Mystery Date, where they never knew what handsome suiter would show up at the cardboard door. Put your spin on this classic game to pique some romance and curiosity.

While you already know who you’re dating, you can still add some intrigue with a mystery box. Write down one of these indoor date ideas, seal it in an envelope, and add it to a table with all the things needed. Let your lover open the wrapped mystery box to see what thrilling adventure awaits.

9. Let’s Get Crafty

There’s something about creativity that enhances healthy relationships. If you and your partner are crafty people, why not use some indoor date ideas to make your night a success? Imagine the sensuality of sketching and posing for each other.

You don’t have to be a master artist to have fun crafting with your sweetie. No matter what craft you do, enjoy it together. Display your creations at home or give them as heartfelt gifts to family and friends.

relationship quote

10. Plan an Indoor Camping Adventure

Do you remember being a kid and making a fort out of your parents’ blankets and pillows? Why not do something romantic and build a fort for your sweetie? If you have a tent hanging out in the garage, you can use that too.

Create a cozy hideaway that is perfect for two. Imagine all the fun you will have when you exchange scary ghost stories and chow down on great snacks. There’s something unique and intimate about the closeness camping provides. When it’s too cold or rainy on the outside, you can bring the camping adventure to the inside.

11. Tackle an Improvement Project

While it may not sound romantic to tackle a home improvement project together, it can be a lot of fun. Who says you can’t paint a bedroom, spend time together, and have some laughs too? Why not throw a little bit of paint on your spouse or paint funny things on the wall you will soon cover?

The best part about tackling these projects is that you’re getting things that must be done accomplished. However, the second part is you can justify ordering in dinner and bonding as you work away. It’s the best kind of indoor date when you make a significant accomplishment towards your home and have togetherness.

12. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Isn’t a scavenger hunt one of the best adventures in the world? While they are typically done outside, who says you cannot bring the fun into your home? It’s best to use sticky notes to write out your clues as they are easily removable.

Put these little notes in various locations around the home. The hunt should include all sorts of little treats for your significant other to pick up along the way. The goal is to have the ultimate prize at the end. No matter how old you are, you will love pulling out an old-school adventure like a scavenger hunt.

13. Virtual Vegas Night

Do you know how much fun you could have with your spouse when you bring in some friendly competition? Why not play a friendly game that doesn’t involve money. You can trade chores, favors, or other gifts to the winner.

The family game night takes a whole other turn when you set up some little reward for the winner. Nothing is off-limits when you’re with your sweetie when you enjoy a virtual trip to Las Vegas.

14. Become a Video Sensation

If you’ve scrolled the internet lately, then you will notice that anyone and everyone is making videos. You can use TikTok or YouTube as your platform to become a superstar. Whether you sing, dance, or have a baking contest, the world will look on with glee.

All you need is a smartphone with a video recorder to launch your possible viral sensation. What better way to have fun and make memories than by becoming an internet superstar?

15. Plan Your Next Great Vacation

If you’re stuck inside your home dreaming of better days, you can turn your evening into a future adventure. The only thing better than being beachside getting served drinks is planning the great escape.

Why not grab the computer, something to drink, and your imagination? You’re about to plan the trip of a lifetime. Plus, it will give you ample opportunities to talk about your dreams. You may find out things about your spouse you didn’t know.

indoor date ideas

Final Thoughts on Trying These Indoor Date Ideas

Indoor date ideas require both thought and preparation. Even if you have an evening at home, it can be one of the most memorable nights of your life. Think outside the box, and think of a unique way to spend quality time together.


Travel Ideas: Why Spain Is Where Everyone Falls in Love

Travel Ideas: Why Spain Is Where Everyone Falls in Love

Travel Ideas: Why Spain Is Where Everyone Falls in Love

Did you know that Spain received 82.8 million foreign tourists in 2018?

It’s easy to see why Spain is a tourist hotspot—the European country offers an array of cultural landmarks, fascinating history, and beautiful beaches.

Keep reading to learn why Spain should be your next vacation and to find out why so many tourists fall in love with the country.

Reasons to Visit Spain

Spain is a bustling, beautiful country that is filled to the brim with incredible sights, exciting things to do, awe-inspiring places to relax, and scrumptious dishes to try.

But what are the country-specific reasons why so many tourists flock to popular Spanish destinations?

1. Blissful Beaches

If you’re planning on visiting Spain, you need to take a trip to one of Spain’s many luxurious beaches.

Spain is blessed to have over 5,00 miles of coastline and thousands of beautiful beaches. Spain is also blessed to have 300 days of sunshine, so you’ll have plenty of time to kick back and relax on a beach.

Maximize your beach trip’s relaxation by choosing one of the hidden gems in the country.

Some beaches can get very busy, so why not head to Costa de la Luz? Costa de la Luz is situated near the Portuguese border and has a number of hidden coves and unspoiled beaches. 

2. Cool, Cosmopolitan Cities

The cities you must see in Spain include the capital city, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Seville.

These bustling cities have an array of museums, art galleries, shopping facilities, and breathtaking architecture to explore. 

Madrid and Barcelona are best known for being big arts and cultural hotspots. In these cities, you’ll find plenty of historic churches and cathedrals, fascinating landmarks and monuments, and intriguing modern art. Not to mention the vast abundance of restaurants, cafes, and bars to try.

3. Historic and Cultural Wonders

Spain has 45 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore (along with other landmarks and historical points of interest, that haven’t yet made it onto the UNESCO list).

Discover the cave paintings of Altamira, take a trip to Segovia’s Roman aqueduct, head over to Granada and marvel at the Alhambra fortress, or check out the historic city of Toledo.

History buffs are really spoiled for choice in Spain, as there are so many fascinating places to tick off and learn about as you journey through the country.

4. Delicious Food and Delightful Wine

What could be better than wining and dining while looking out across beautiful Spain scenery?

Spain has an unlimited array of restaurants, cafes, bars, and eateries scattered throughout the country.

Sample all the local cuisines and find yourself a new favorite dish. We recommend trying some tapas, Paella, Gazpacho, Patatas bravas, and Pisto.

As for the wine, Spain is known for producing incredible wine so make sure you try coupling some wine with your meals. Alternatively, head over to a winery and learn more about how the wine is made and try a variety of different wines.

5. Amazing Spain Landscapes

Spain is home to endless beaches which are ideal for relaxing on, but if you’re more of an adventurous soul then you need to check out the impeccable Spanish landscapes and mountains.

Have a go at hiking up some of the northern Pyrenees mountains, or head to the Sierra Nevada in the south of Spain and visit the popular skiing resort. 

If you want a contrast to the mountains in Spain, you can also find Cabo de Gata in Almeria. Cabo de Gata is Europe’s only desert and has been the inspiration for many Hollywood spaghetti westerns, which were filmed in the area.

6. Adventure Is Around Every Corner

Hiking isn’t the only activity that thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts can do.

For those who like to get their heart pumping, you can walk along a scary footpath that leads to a zip line between Spain and Portugal.

There’s also an array of skiing and snowboarding options, as well as plenty of places to do scuba diving. 

On the northern coastline of Spain, you can also find annual surfing competitions. While in Pamplona, you can run with the bulls, this annual event takes place in July. In Spain, you can get involved with jet-skiing, rafting, canoeing, bungee jumping, climbing, and skateboarding. 

7. Weird Festivals

Spain is home to many strange and weird festivals.

However, because the Spanish know how to throw a party, we’re sure they won’t disappoint. 

Get stuck in with the celebration of near-death experiences as you get carried in an open coffin at the Festival of Santa Marta de Ribarteme. Start a tomato fight at the world’s largest tomato fight at the La Tomatina festival. 

8. Incredible Islands

Spain also boasts an abundance of incredible islands.

Head to Ibiza if you want an exciting nightlife experience and golden beaches. Treat yourself to the beautiful beaches and resorts in Majorca. Climb the volcano in Tenerife and enjoy excellent views of the volcanic surroundings. Hikers and volcanic lovers should also check out Lanzarote. 

La Palma is ideal for those who want to enjoy a lush green jungle and take part in several walking tours and trails. Historic enthusiasts need to explore Menorca, while whose who can’t keep still should head to Gran Canaria where you can find golf arenas and surfing opportunities. 

If you fall completely in love with everything Spain has to offer, then why not buy or rent a property there?

Finding your dream Spanish property is as easy as strolling down the beautiful Costa del Sol beaches with Right Casa Estates. Spend more time enjoying Spain and all of its wonders.

Why Spain? Now You Know

There are so many reasons why Spain is the right choice for your next vacation, or even as a place of permanent residence.

Whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach, exploring the great outdoors, treating yourself to the latest high-end fashion, or sitting back and trying new dishes, Spain is the perfect place for you.

If you enjoyed reading this article, be sure to check out some of our other insightful articles. 


9 Best Warehouse Storage Solutions and Ideas for an Organized Warehouse

9 Best Warehouse Storage Solutions and Ideas for an Organized

9 Best Warehouse Storage Solutions and Ideas for an Organized Warehouse

Your warehouse should be setup as efficient and organized as possible.

Not only does organizing your warehouse assist in time management and inventory control, but it restructures the business process. Ordering, storing, pulling and shipping will all be faster. One of the top reasons for cart abandonment is because of extended shipping times.

Not only does this satisfy consumers, but it will keep your employees happy. That’s because an easy to navigate workplace can make the job easier. Keep reading for the 9 best warehouse storage solutions and ideas for an organized warehouse.

1. Create a Smarter Floorplan

Your warehouse’s floorplan should be assessed to ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible. This will help employees fill orders quickly. A smarter plan for your floorplan should do the following:

  • Maximize space
  • Minimize handling
  • Create easier access for inventory
  • Be flexible with storage
  • Create working spaces

To achieve a smarter floorplan, you must test the physical workflow for employee tasks. This will give you a better understanding of how you can improve workspaces.

2. Consider Shelving and Other Storage Solutions

You can improve storage solutions by adding racks, shelving, and other storage solutions to the warehouse. The size and location of your storage solutions will be based on your business needs. Well-organized warehouse space will help you work smarter without having to work harder.

You can use vertical space to maximize your storage solutions. Choose the tallest shelves and stackable shelf bins for full benefits. This will ensure you’re achieving the best storage solutions possible.

3. Organize Inventory

Once you have your shelves and racks in place, you must focus on how you’ll organize your inventory. Stock can be separated into three categories, depending on movement. For instance, your most profitable items should be easier to pull because it accounts for most of the total movement.

Your second and least important items will be placed in more difficult to pull areas. That’s because they account for less movement. However, there should be ease of access for all items to simplify the process.

4. Label for Improved Organization

Another organization tip is to label everything. The shelves or racks should have labels, as should the products. This will speed along the pulling process for faster shipping.

Labeling everything in your warehouse will be better for safety too. Also, label work areas and safety hazards. Safety signs are crucial for equipment use and warehouse capacity.

5. Accelerate the Pulling Process

You can speed up the pulling process with shelving, storage bins, labels, and a well-thought floorplan. These will help the staff find and pull the right goods as quickly as possible. Along with accelerating the pulling process, they can reduce errors.

Another smart way to speed the process along is to utilize order picking technology. Review your finances to see if there’s room to invest in pick-to-light systems, hand-held RF readers, barcode scanning, or voice picking systems. If it’s not in the budget, consider free systems you can implement.

6. Maintain Warehouse

Once you’ve established a functioning warehouse, you must maintain it. This requires you to continue labeling and efficient storing. It also means keeping the warehouse clean and organized.

Start the workday identifying and fixing the cleanliness issues. Make it required for workspaces to be cleaned, including sweeping the floors and putting tools away. These objectives will increase productivity and safety for your employees.

7. Receive Goods More Efficiently

Improving how you receive goods is about as important as how you pull orders. You can ramp up efficiency in receiving by creating space to sort and store incoming goods. Choose an inventory management system that provides updated information on inventory levels.

Other ways you can help your warehouse workers receive products more efficiently is to unload quickly and safely with forklifts and pallet jacks. Quality control can be improved by identifying and labeling damage upon receiving.

8. Ask Warehouse Workers for Input

The staff knows the ins and outs of the warehouse better than anyone. You should ask for input and suggestions to increase productivity. If they have complaints, hear them out so you can find a solution.

When making changes, be sure to include informing warehouse workers. If there’s a need, consider training or holding a meeting to review the differences. This will help you avoid confusion and delays down the road.

9. Reassess Warehouse Periodically

Setting up and maintain an efficient warehouse includes reassessing needs periodically. This means reviewing inventory management and different warehouse organization systems to improve productivity levels. Check the functional flow path for yourself so you can identify obstacles and remove them.

Reviewing the warehouse’s blueprints will ensure you’re making the most of the available space.
The most important thing is to ensure everything is safely up to code. Regularly scheduled reviews will help you identify which features can be improved.

More Warehouse Storage Solutions Tips

These are only some of the warehouse storage solutions available, but you don’t have to complicate it. The staff should experience a productivity boost without additional stress. You can help eliminate problems by financing improvements.

One of the best improvements you can make to your warehouse is to invest in industrial epoxy coatings. This coating will be able to withstand the abuse warehouse floors experience without breaking the budget. A good installer will be able to patch or repair holes and cracks in the concrete for a smoother surface before the industrial epoxy goes down.

Time to Get Organized

It’s time to get your warehouse organized for better efficiency. This will result in much happier staff and satisfied consumers. You can utilize these 9 best warehouse storage solutions and ideas to achieve an organized warehouse.

Your business can use the best advice and tips to improve efficiency and productivity levels today. If you liked this article and are interested in reading more like it, feel free to browse the rest of our blog.


Standing Out at Trade Shows: The Top Trade Show Display Ideas

Standing Out at Trade Shows: The Top Trade Show Display

Standing Out at Trade Shows: The Top Trade Show Display Ideas

Are you looking to create some noise for a new product? Or perhaps you’re rebranding your company and are planning to let everyone know about it? Regardless of the reason, joining a trade show is a wise move to make.

Trade shows offer numerous benefits. Regardless of the industry you belong to, you may generate enough mileage in a trade show.

But one of the keys to a successful trade show appearance is your booth. You need to have a solid display that will capture everyone’s attention.

Let’s discuss some of the top trade show display ideas that you may incorporate or draw inspiration from.

Lucky 13 Tips Top  to Consider 

As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter which industry you belong to. There is potential in trade shows. There are also numerous trade shows you can join.

But before joining any of them, you need to prepare the right way. Your booth is your means of connecting to the public. It should catch their attention and provide the key details about your brand.

So how should your booth look like? Here are 13 of the top trade show display ideas that will help you come up with a show-stopper.

Aim for an Inviting Vibe

If you want people to enter your booth, you need to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Set up some chairs so guests can read your brochures comfortably. Keep in mind that trade shows only have limited seating options.

While they are sitting, you can introduce yourself and break the ice. If they have any questions, provide clear and complete answers. 

You may also want to place some padded mats on the floor. This will create more room where people can sit in case you run out of available chairs. Most of the time, trade shows take place in areas that feature concrete flooring.

This type of flooring is not too comfortable to sit on. 

You should also make sure that your booth’s lighting is on point. People tend to enter booths that have excellent lighting. This is also beneficial if you have some brochures and reading materials to give out.

Create an Early Buzz

Sometimes, success at a trade show begins even before the event. You should look to create a buzz a few weeks before the date of the trade show. 

Use your social media accounts to create some noise. Post hints and teasers leading to the day of the event. Publish photos from the event coordinators to keep the excitement high. 

Your goal is to sustain the people’s interest as the trade show approaches.

The Pop-up Tent

The pop-up tent is a staple in trade shows. This is especially true if the event takes place outdoors. Primarily, the tent provides shade from the sun and other elements. 

It also creates a more intimate atmosphere. When guests enter the tent, they get this feeling of entering a private place. 

Another great thing about pop-up tents is their flexibility. They are easy to transport. You will not have a hard time setting it up. 

To complete your setup, make sure to put up some banner stands outside of your tent. Even only one banner stand on every corner will do.

Opportunity to Teach

If you are introducing a new product, you want to use the trade show as an opportunity to educate the public. People attend trade shows to learn something new. They want to know the latest offerings from the companies they follow.

Thus, make sure they take home some new knowledge after visiting your booth. The key is to make the learning experience an engaging one. Don’t hesitate to use interactive tools to spruce the interest of your visitors.

If you need to demonstrate how your product works, do so without rushing. You want the guests to understand how to operate your product. 

Schedule different sets of demonstrations throughout the day. This way, people will know when to visit your booth if they wish to get to know your products better.

Offer Necessities

Offering knowledge is good. But going the extra mile by offering things the guests need is better. These are the small but essential things like bottled water. 

People walk around for hours in trade shows. They will likely go thirsty and hungry. You may also offer snacks like cookies or fruits. 

If you don’t feel like serving food, you can put up a charging station right beside your booth. While visitors charge their mobile phones, you can talk to them about your products and services. 

Make sure that you put your brochures on top of the charging or refreshments table.

Branded Giveaways Work

If you have the money to spare, consider giving out branded giveaways. These things can be hats or pens. 

People love branded items. They will not hesitate to visit your booth to grab a giveaway. 

And when you give out the freebies, make sure to put them in a large bag. Guests will appreciate big recyclable bags, as they will likely carry a lot of stuff during the event. Make sure that the big bags carry your branding.

But if you are working on a tight budget, you can turn the branded giveaways into prizes.

Put up a Contest

Speaking of prizes, you may also hold a contest during the event. People gravitate toward contests. They want to try their luck on winning. 

You want to come up with something creative that will earn a great prize for your guests. But make sure that people can easily join the contest. Avoid mechanics that are too much complex.

You don’t need to spend a lot on the prizes. But make sure they are worth the effort of the guests. As for the nature of the prizes, you may consider sticking to things that concern your product. 

If you are selling dog or cat food, you may want to give out some pet care products as prizes.

Be Quick and Informative

People in trade events move to and fro. They go from one booth to another and get all the brochures and leaflets that they can. Thus, you need to be quick and informative in your engagements.

You want every guest to come out of your booth with a takeaway. If you see them rushing, give them a brochure or company card before they leave. 

This will give them the chance to get back to you via email or phone call for any inquiries. Your goal is to not make them leave empty-handed.

Use the Photo Booth

There is no doubt people love taking photos. So why not spend for a photo booth right inside your pop-up tent? 

Your photo booth must come with all the works. This means it must showcase your flags, branded backdrop, and other props. You can send the photos later on via email of instantly using Polaroid printouts. 

Photo booths not only keep the excitement up, but they also serve as a medium for brand promotion and awareness.

Get Straight with Your Branding

When it comes to your branding, you need to get it right. This means preserving your brand through consistency. If your product is all about car accessories, your booth must come with automobile elements all around.

If your service involves health and wellness, you can set up your booth with a relaxing ambiance. Your booth must remind prospective customers what your products are all about.

Focus on Attendee Experience

One of the best ways to stand out during a trade show is to blow away the minds of everyone. This means placing more focus on the experience of the attendees. 

Your goal is to excite them the moment they enter your booth until the step out. If your product is a brand new car, you can offer a virtual test drive inside the booth.

If you are offering new flavors of ice cream, then give everyone a free taste. You want prospective clients to experience what you have to offer.

Invest in Space

The space of your booth plays a crucial role in your campaign’s effectiveness during the event. Thus, you should consider renting more space. 

The more space you have, the more products you can showcase. More space means more room for interactive features. A bigger booth means a greater number of people who can come in at the same time.

Additionally, you need to maximize the space that you have. Fill up the gaps and extra spaces with interesting elements. Place some items that will open up conversations. 

Set Up a Beat

Last but not least, your booth needs to have some music. When choosing your playlist, make sure it is in tune with the demographics of the attendees. 

If the trade show caters to the younger generation, then play some music from today’s popular artists. You should also align the music with your brand and products. To be safe, don’t play anything boring.

Take Your Brand to the Next Level with These Trade Show Display Ideas

With these top trade show ideas we discussed above, you can get a step ahead of the competition. You can stand out during the event and generate more leads than ever.

As for the other marketing and advertising concerns, you need to continue learning and incorporating new ideas. We invite you to check our other articles and blog posts on brand building. 

We discuss different topics that aim to help companies take their brands to the next level.


Pest Control Marketing Ideas That Won’t Bug Your Customers

Pest Control Marketing Ideas That Won't Bug Your Customers

Pest Control Marketing Ideas That Won’t Bug Your Customers

We all love a good social media marketing campaign or an eye-catching billboard. The problem is that the world is flooded with ads in one form or another, so for yours to be successful, they need to stand out.

If your pest control marketing results aren’t as game-changing as you want, it may be time to think outside the box though.

Pest Control Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Tried

Thanks to technology, you have more marketing options than ever before. Try adding these ideas to your strategy.

Revamp Your Online Reputation

Did you know 91% of people read online reviews before making purchases on a regular basis? Pest control services aren’t impulse buys either, so chances are that your customers are reading your reviews.

Do a thorough search to find your review profiles on every review site you can find. Whenever possible, claim your profiles so you can manage them. If there are major review sites like Yelp or Google that don’t have a profile for you, create one.

Now the work begins: increasing your star ratings. Respond to every review, negative or positive, to show that you’re listening. When negative reviews appear, try contacting the reviewer to make it right.

Along the way, encourage every happy customer to post a review.

Start a Referral System

When it comes to your pest control marketing, your employees and contractors aren’t the only ones on your team. Add your happy customers to your roster.

Create a referral program in which, if an existing customer refers a friend, both the new customer and the existing customer get discounts.

This helps you in two ways. First, it brings in new customers. Second, it makes your current customers more loyal because they’ll keep coming back to spend their referral discounts.

Tell every customer about your referral program and hand out cards with the details as a reminder.

Market to Relevant Professionals

Marketing to potential customers is great, but marketing to people who can refer them could be better.

Take a moment to think about all the professionals who could discover that a home or business has a pest infestation. This includes cleaning companies, home inspectors, and general contractors to name a few.

Identify these professionals in your area and start getting to know them. Tell them who you are and what you specialize in. The next time they have a customer with a pest problem, they’re more likely to refer them to you.

Keep in mind that these relationships need maintenance. Make a point to connect with your referral resources every few months. A lunch or a cup of coffee goes a long way.

Becoming the Pest Pros

Whether you’re operating in a small town or a big city, you want to become known as the go-to pest control company. If this isn’t happening with your current pest control marketing strategy, the tips above can help you break out of your rut.

For more top tips, check out more articles on our marketing blog.


3 Fun Ideas for How to Open a Dance Studio that Twirls Past the Competition

3 Fun Ideas for How to Open a Dance Studio

3 Fun Ideas for How to Open a Dance Studio that Twirls Past the Competition

When you are trying to start a dance business, the best thing you can do for yourself is to find the steps that’ll be useful to you. 

Figuring out how to open a dance studio will go a long way toward the results that you get, the money you generate and the skills that you impart to your students. Thankfully, there are three concrete steps you can take to get the best from your studio. 

Follow these tips to get started. 

1. Get Kids Involved ASAP

When it comes to dance studios, the big business is with the kids. Parents are always looking for an activity to involve their kids with, and dance is always a hot ticket. 

Because of this, you need to market to parents that are looking into dance for their children. Above all, make it fun for the kids. 

Hand out dance pins, trophies and other awards for learning and stellar performance, and be sure that you hire instructors that are fun and full of energy. 

Always have some classes, activities, and events that cater to kids, and they’ll be loyal customers for years as they grow in their love for dance. 

2. Take Your Social Media Brand By Storm

Utilizing social media to your advantage, and bolstering your SEO strategy will help your dance studio more than virtually any other form of marketing. 

Get out on the various platforms so that you can inform people about what you do and teach lots of great dance lessons. Something as simple as starting a YouTube channel for your brand that teaches people dance tips will draw interest and point people toward your studio. 

Make sure that you are always consistent with the way that you put yourself out there, and learn the ins and outs of social media marketing as a whole. 

3. Find Ways to Get Involved in the Community

Finally, community is everything when it comes to your dance studio. It is an art that brings people together, so the best thing you can do is make your presence felt locally. 

The better you connect with your community, the more business and goodwill you’ll be able to generate as a whole. 

Since dance is cultural, you can participate in cultural events, parades and other happenings around town. By showcasing some of your best students at these events, people will get a firsthand look at the types of skills they can pick up when they enroll in classes at your studio. 

Keep Learning How to Open a Dance Studio

Learning how to open a dance studio can be incredibly rewarding. It takes a love of the craft and some marketing tips that’ll help you get an edge on your competitors. 

When you take the time to follow these three steps, you will get an amazing headstart on your competition and will make the process more rewarding. 

Consider these points and stick with us when you want to build your dance studio through content marketing, quality service and so much more. 


5 Company Intranet Ideas That Your Employees Will Love

5 Company Intranet Ideas That Your Employees Will Love

5 Company Intranet Ideas That Your Employees Will Love

The American workforce is largely disengaged. As many as 70% of American workers aren’t giving their best to their companies. Employees have increasingly divided interests and resent feeling overworked.

Studies show that employees with strong social interactions are more productive. In fact, social technologies can increase productivity by more than 20%.

But how do you make an intranet for your employees that they’ll look forward to using? Read on for five company intranet ideas that do just that.

1. Make it Personal

Employees will make a stronger connection to a business intranet that’s personalized for the company. Give it a name, and set the color scheme to something that makes sense for your brand identity.

Keep the vibe from going stale by freshening the design every now and then. Think of how amusing a new Google doodle is. It’s a simple boost, but it makes for an immediately positive interaction.

Make seasonal changes. Play up holiday spirit with Valentine and Christmas colors and sentimental banner imagery.

2. Create Content

Keep people coming back by giving them something to come back for. Create unique content for your internal company website.

Link to articles with industry information. Use your own expertise to write monthly articles. Keep it casual but informative.

Do a weekly roundup. Include funny work memes, pertinent news, and local events. Post a lunch schedule with pictures to break up a potential wall of text.

Human interest pieces are interesting to humans. Interview your employees and let them tell their stories. Company intranet is about developing community.

3. Shout Outs

Make your employees feel valued by giving public shout outs for good work. It’s amazing how far a public high-five can go.

Whether it’s professional or personal, make a big deal over accomplishments. Maybe someone was recently published in a journal or periodical. Maybe someone won a chili competition. 

Words of affirmation are motivating. 

4. Job Opportunities

Since the intranet is for employees, use it to help your employees move up in their careers. Post job opportunities internally first to give deference to your loyal staff.

Hiring from within saves you time and money. And it’s good to feel like everyone’s on the same team.

5. Training and Resources

The most practical intranet idea is making it a portal for training and job resources. Having it all in one place takes the guesswork out of company practices and expectations.

Catalog your training media and tutorials so employees have easy access whenever they need a refresh. Upload your company handbook and FAQ so people can search for answers at the touch of a button.

If you need help building a robust network, you can outsource your intranet development to streamline the entire process.

Increase Employee Involvement with These Company Intranet Ideas

Your internal network can be a vibrant hub for employee relations. Keep employees engaged by implementing easy but effective company intranet ideas. Personality, original content, and a focus on employee needs will make things more interesting.

Do you need help getting your intranet column started? Check out our writing articles for ideas, tips, and tricks for overcoming writer’s block. 


7 Plumbing Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

7 Plumbing Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

Piping the Town: 7 Plumbing Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

If you’re one of the more than 120,000 plumbing businesses out there, you know how crowded the market is getting. While the demand for plumbers is rising, so is the number of businesses.

This can make it difficult to stand out from the crowd. If you want to raise awareness of your company and get more customers, you need to dive into the world of plumbing marketing.

We hear you: You don’t have the budget to hire an agency and you’d rather deal with a backed up toilet than the ins and outs of marketing.

Don’t stress! We’ve got the perfect plumber advertising guide that will make you a marketing pro in no time!

1. Build a Website

This is a basic one but it’s better to address it. You won’t survive in the modern world without a website.

There are services, like WordPress, that provide easy-to-use templates. All you have to do is plug in your relevant information and you’re good to go.

2. Be Social

Getting a social media account is second in importance to getting a website. Over half of marketers report that using social media boosted sales.

A basic Facebook account is a great place to start. Remember to take a few minutes out of your day to add content and engage with customers online.

3. Ready for Reviews

Once you’re on social media and listed on Google, you’ll start racking up reviews. Addressing all of them shows potential customers you care and gives them a good feeling about using your services.

Remember to always keep it professional and don’t pick fights with negative reviews. Give angry customers a customer service email to take their grievances offline and deal with them directly.

4. Referrals

Referrals are a great real-world way to generate sales and earn repeat business. A plumber marketing referral doesn’t have to be complicated, it could just be a percentage off.

For example, if a customer refers a friend, the friend will get 10% off their plumbing and heating service. The customer also receives a 10% discount off their next service — a win/win/win!

5. Community Oriented

Attend community meetings to drum up business. Showing up at town halls, school meetings, and corporate promotional events with business cards in hand helps get the word out.

6. How-to Videos

Entertaining and education your customers makes your brand seem authentic and knowledgeable. Making how-to videos is a great way to promote your business and educate people about common plumbing problems.

Don’t be shy — just talk about what you know and it’ll all come naturally.

7. Work on Word of Mouth

Ultimately, former customers and their opinion of you will be the best plumbing marketing company you could ask for. That’s why delivering exceptional customer service is so important.

If your customers are unhappy, try to resolve their issues politely and quickly. If they’re happy, ask if they’d submit a testimonial or review to your website or social media accounts.

Plumbing Marketing Made Easy

As you can see, plumbing marketing doesn’t have to clog up your brainpower and drain all your time. These simple tips and tricks are sure to make a difference in your business.

Want a little — or a lot — of help? We’re here for you!

We’ve got tons of digital plans to boost your business. Contact us and find out how we can help market your company!


Getting the Glance: 6 Attention Grabbing Logo Design Ideas

Getting the Glance: 6 Attention Grabbing Logo Design Ideas

Getting the Glance: 6 Attention Grabbing Logo Design Ideas

With all the millions of logos in the world, how could yours possibly stand out amongst the competition?

It’s hard enough to get a unique logo with a professional designing it. But, since you’re starting a brand new business, you don’t have the money to hire someone.

Don’t despair. With a little guidance, you can create your own one-of-a-kind logo.

There are certain ideas of design that every graphic artist follows. If you keep them in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating something eye-catching.

What is it about a logo that makes people want to get a second look? One factor is that it appears professional.

If yours looks amateurish, people might do a double-take. But, that’s not the kind of glance you want to grab!

With images and text all around, trying to get the attention of potential customers is difficult. Check out these logo design ideas for help.

1. Simplicity Is Still Eye-Catching

The idea that something simple stands out more than a busy design might not make sense at first.

You might imagine that a design with a lot going on would look interesting. That it gives the eye all sorts of things to check out. There are more details to discover.

Actually, it’s usually the opposite.

A logo isn’t a beautiful mural that people want to stand in front of and marvel at. It’s branding that someone will look at quickly and make a snap judgment about.

Simple designs always look more professional and pleasing.

Think of the Apple Computers logo. It’s understated and to the point. Just an apple, and only using one color!

As you get ready to make your logo, check out other famous logos. You’ll begin to notice how little there is going on.

2. Don’t Recreate What’s Already Been Done

After you get some inspiration from other logos, throw all of that out the window. You never want to copy or even hint at a logo that’s already been done before.

The whole point of a logo is to create brand recognition. People can associate a logo with a brand quickly.

You don’t want people to look at your logo and confuse it with another brand. Then, you’re obviously not standing out.

What if they look at yours and it just reminds them of another brand? Then you’re reinforcing another brand’s recognition and not your own!

After you design a few logo options, a good idea is to reverse Google image search them. That way you can make sure that there aren’t any designs out there that are too similar.

3. Design for the Logo’s Use

Before you ever start brainstorming designs, take some time to think about how you will use the logo.

Think of where that logo will usually be featured. Imagine what size it will be. Put yourself in the shoes of someone seeing it for the first time.

That should inform how you design the logo. For example, let’s say you’re designing a logo for a new podcast you’re creating.

Most times, when people see your logo it will be on their phones. That means it will appear to them as a very small square. Design with that at the forefront of your mind.

Your logo should be easy to read. Any illustration should be clear at that small size. No details should be too small to make out.

4. Go for Timeless

After designing this logo, you won’t want to keep updating it periodically. That’s why you should do your best to create a timeless logo. One that will grow with your business for years to come.

How do you do that? Don’t use any silly or trendy fonts. They might seem fun now, but they’ll probably look outdated soon enough.

Again, you’ll have a better chance of ending up with a timeless design if you go for simplicity. Limit the number of colors you use. Really consider whether an illustration will hold up as well as something more abstract.

Of course, you can’t always predict whether something will look dated in five years.

If yours does, you can check out Their designers can actually take your old logo and update it to look more modern. Or they can just create something totally new!

5. Color Is Key

Color is one obvious way that you can catch someone’s attention. Take the time to choose a palette that’s perfect for your logo.

One way to do that is to design your logo in black and white first. Then, you can pick out a few color schemes and apply them to the logo at the end.

Some colors that you like might not make your logo pop as much as you imagined it would. Seeing different options side-by-side will allow you to make a more informed decision.

6. Get a Second Opinion

When you’re working on a logo for a while, you might become too close to it. That’s especially true if you’ve done many drafts.

Whether you love what you’ve done or can’t tell if it’s good or not, get a second opinion.

Send it to a few friends whose taste you trust. Ask them all what their first impression is. See if there’s anything they’d change.

If you made your logo in different color options send them those to find their favorite. You don’t have to take their advice if you don’t agree. But, if all five friends say they love the green logo, they might have a point.

Get Started with These 6 Logo Design Ideas

These 6 logo design ideas will get you started on the path towards an eye-catching creation. Don’t be afraid to play around with all sorts of concepts. Let your imagination wander and you’ll end up with something truly unique!

Want to learn more about DIY designing for your business or brand? Check out this article for website design tips and tricks.