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Who Should You Date, According to Your Horoscope?| Power of Postivity

Who Should You Date, According to Your Horoscope?| Power of

Have you ever wondered who would make your ideal partner? A horoscope can often reveal the characteristics and personality traits of zodiac signs. Knowing a person’s qualities and features can give you an idea of compatibility to help you determine if you are compatible with someone. Many people believe that some signs are more compatible than others.

While some people are skeptical when it comes to a horoscope, others believe that it’s very accurate. However, according to recent data suggests that the principles of astrology are proven to be scientific.

You can have fun reading about a person’s horoscope and which signs best suit you. Additionally, you can utilize the information as a tool to help you find the perfect mate.


The Aries is most compatible with: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aquarius. Sometimes Libra is a good match, but this sign is opposite Aries.

Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, and the Ram represents them. Fire signs are more outspoken and like to take the lead. They are also independent, enthusiastic, and adventurous. When you date an Aries, you will quickly find out that they wish to be in control. This determination makes it very challenging for other cardinal signs like Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer to date them.

The best matches are air signs and fire signs. The air signs Gemini and Aquarius stimulate and feed the fire. Other fire signs such as Sagittarius and Leo keep the relationship exciting.

Sometimes Aries and Libra are a good match. There will be a lot of magnetism because opposites attract. However, there will have to be plenty of compromising with both individuals.


Taurus is most compatible with: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, and Pisces.

The Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign, and the Bull serves as their symbol. This sign is practical and very stubborn. If you date a Taurus, you will soon discover that they do not want to budge on their beliefs or ideas. However, they are very loyal and dependable.

The best mate for a Taurus is another earth sign. Others who share the earth element are Virgo and Capricorn. Water signs are also a good match for Taurus. Although water and earth together can be challenging, the love connection is often indisputable.

Pairing two Taurus individuals may be a bit tricky. Both individuals may be too stubborn and create more friction than it is worth. However, their relationship could be a blessing if they can maintain a little bit of excellence and compromise.


Gemini is most compatible with: Libra, Aquarius, Leo, and Aries.

The Gemini is a Mutable Air sign. The Twins symbolize this star sign. When compared to other mutable signs, the Gemini horoscope compatibility love matches are not as laid back or straightforward. In truth, Gemini’s often date more than one person at a time because they get bored quickly. If you’re dating a Gemini, keep in mind that they continuously need intellectual stimulation; otherwise, they wander. Gemini’s also like to do everything together.

A Gemini is intelligent, witty, and thoughtful. They pair well with another air or fire sign. An air sign such as Libra or Aquarius will give them the intellectual stimuli that they crave. A fire sign such as Leo or Aries will stimulate their ideas.

Sometimes Gemini and Sagittarius make a good pair. On a date, both are very flexible and able to adapt to change. As well, both signs are interested in collecting knowledge. However, these two signs are the opposite. Both parties need their freedom. To balance their independence can be rather tricky.


The Cancer horoscope sign is most compatible with: Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo.

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, and the Crab represents them. Cancers are very emotional and sensitive. And like a crab, they quickly put up walls and hide behind a shell. This sign needs someone who is a homebody and will be emotionally supportive. Cancers are also very nurturing and loyal when they are in a loving relationship.

The ideal mate for a Cancer is another water sign. Pisces and Scorpio understand the emotional depths of a Cancer. Two water signs together create a lot of passion. Cancer is also compatible with an earth sign such as Taurus and Virgo. Earth signs offer a lot of emotional support and grounding. Both earth signs will be reliable and reassuring, especially a Taurus.


Leo is most compatible with: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Libra.

The Leo is a Fixed Fire sign. The Lion represents this star sign. When they walk into a room, they always have center stage. Even when Leo tries to hide, everyone still notices them.

This sign is one that stands out from all the rest of the zodiac. Astrologers suggest that a person’s birth can have long-term effects on personality. In this case, Leo’s pizazz fits the bill. They are definitely a fun date.

Leos are loyal, charismatic, and incredibly romantic. This romantic lover pairs well with another fire sign or an air sign. An Aries or Sagittarius is an excellent match for a Leo. The pairing of fire signs creates a lot of passion and immense dedication to each other. Leo and an air sign like Libra or Gemini can be very rewarding. However, Leo and Gemini can have trouble communicating, which may lead to arguments.

On the other hand, Leo and Libra together make a fantastic pair. Libras enjoy receiving love and attention from their dates. Likewise, the Libra is always attentive and caring and will stoke the Leos ego when needed.


Virgo is most compatible with: Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, and Scorpio.

The Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign. The Virgin represents this sign. When you read a Virgo’s horoscope, you will find that they are somewhat analytical, hard-working, and have exceptionally high standards. When they marry, they will marry for life. They are also quite selective when it comes to dating and strive for perfection. Frankly, they are happy by themselves. Also, Virgo is very introverted.

On the whole, Virgos match well with an Earth or Water sign. Earthy Taurus and Capricorn are more planned and scheduled and not very spontaneous – these are traits a Virgo looks for. Water signs also make a good partner for Virgo. The emotional water of Cancer and Scorpio brings intensity and passion to the relationship.


The Libra is most compatible with: Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Libra is a Cardinal Air sign, and the Scales symbolize them. They are a very friendly sign that needs stimulation intellectually. Indeed, a Libra pairs best with someone they can talk with for hours.

The ideal date for a Libra is romantic and stimulating. They also demand harmony in a relationship. Libra needs balance. Besides, this sign likes to be “in the driving seat.”

The best mate for a Libra is a Fire sign. A Leo or Sagittarius will keep them stimulated and romantically inviting. Another air sign is also a good match. Gemini and Aquarius are great at having stimulating conversations.

Sometimes an Aries is a good match for Libra. Since opposites attract, there can be a lot of passion. However, the desire can quickly fizzle out, leaving only frustration and pessimism between the two.


The person born of the Scorpio sign is most compatible with: Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign. The Scorpion symbolizes the sign. The love of a Scorpio individual is very passionate and intense. Their partner must have the same capacity as their emotional intensity. Otherwise, they do not feel satisfied.

Scorpions can be very intense with their philosophy or religion. They are often the Fortune-tellers or mystics and sometimes even a priest. According to Astrologer, there are many skeptics in the world when it comes to the zodiac. However, Scorpios are generally not one of them.

The best match for a Scorpio is another water sign, either Cancer or Pisces. A water sign is a counter-balance for the Scorpion’s intense emotions and intuitive disposition. Water signs also like to relax in a quiet romantic setting, which will establish tight bonds between individuals. Also, an earth sign is compatible with a Scorpio. Both Virgo and Capricorn will allow Scorpio to take the lead and will understand and be patient with their dominance.


The Sagittarius is most compatible with: Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign. The Centaur represents this sign. Those born under this star are fun-loving, adventurous, and very independent. They are the bachelors and bachelorettes of the zodiac. In truth, they are not known for their fidelity. However, once they fall in love, they are wholly committed. Yet again, they will quickly leave if you try to stifle their independence and freedom.

A date with a Sagittarius is very adventurous, intellectually stimulating, and fun. People quickly fall in love with their exceptional ability to romance and charm. Sagittarians pair well with fire signs – Aries and Leo. The Aries individual loves the challenge of a Sagittarius. Leo also likes adventure and freedom.

The Archer or Centaur pairs well with the air signs because of the intellectual stimulation. An Aquarian and Sagittarius together are too casual and will typically drift apart. However, the best match for a Sagittarians is a Libra. They both love their freedom, like interacting with other people, and need to discover new things. Besides, their humor aligns perfectly.


The Capricorn soul is most compatible with: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Capricorn is the cardinal Earth sign. The Goat represents them. Those individuals born of this sign are hard workers, responsible, and very organized. When it comes to dating, Capricorns are cautious and very particular. Their horoscope clearly shows that they don’t like lazy people and want to be with someone responsible.

The best match for a Capricorn is an earth sign. Both Taurus and Virgo are compatible with the Goat. The practical Capricorn needs the other earth signs because they are also organized and grounded.

Water signs are also a good match for the goat. The emotions of a water sign can soften the pressure Capricorns put on themselves. A Scorpio and Pisces have a connection with a Capricorn to make a healthy and loving relationship.


This sign is most compatible with: Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius.

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign, and the Water Bearer symbolizes them. Aquarians are free spirits, intellectual, and creative. Aquarians also love their independence and freedom. The Water Bearer desires someone who is very independent. However, they also want to know that the other person is always there for them. In turn, Aquarians love to be attached, yet they don’t want others to be wholly reliant upon them.

When it comes to compatibility, Aquarians pair best with other air signs, Gemini and Libra spark the Water Bearer’s intellect and keep things interesting. As well, fire signs keep the Aquarian entertained and energized. Both Aries and Sagittarius have a great imagination and are very stimulating.


This sign is most compatible with: Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn.

Pisces is a Mutable Water sign. The Fish represents them. Those born under this star are emotional, sensitive, and very complex. The Fish spends a lot of time in “the clouds” daydreaming and fantasizing. Pisces often think about their “dream” love or soul mate.

The Pisces horoscope for love is always supportive, compassionate, and sensitive. They are also very intuitive and will always be there for you.

The ideal Pisces match is a water sign–either Cancer or Scorpio. Cancer will be protective, caring, and active in the relationship. A Scorpio will take the lead. They will also generate a dreamy, romantic, and fulfilling relationship with their Pisces mate.

Earth signs are also suitable for a Pisces. A relationship with a Taurus or Capricorn will start slow but will be long-lasting. They are also very supportive of one another.

horoscope Final Thoughts on Finding Your Horoscope Love Match

Some people swear that following the stars sends them down the correct life path. Recent data, as indicated earlier, now seem to support the validity of following your horoscope. If you’re looking for your best love match, look to the stars as your guide.


Life Goes On (think positive) | Power of Positivity

Life Goes On (think positive) | Power of Positivity

Depending upon how old you are, how fast-paced your life is, or even the number of events that have occurred, you may feel as if you have lived several lifetimes and several different lives.  You look back at yourself through various stages and barely recognize the old you.

We tend to break up our timelines based on major changes or shifts in our lives.  When we look back, we see the triggers that created tremendous change in our lives and in our selves.  Those triggers may have been events that happened around us or to us, either as a result of a decision we made or a random coincidence that occurred.

The events at the time may have felt like the bowels of hell were a better alternative or like an entirely new world had embraced you and sprinkled you with fairy dust.  Time takes on a life of its own in the aftermath of such events.  It may fly by like a hawk chasing a mouse or perhaps move slowly, sludging through the thickest mud.   No matter what it felt like, time was still moving forward.  Life goes on, and so do you.

Life Goes On: Think Positive During Challenging Days

life goes on

When we first think of the phrase, “Life goes on,” we might remember those words given upon the passing of a loved one.  This is somehow meant to encourage us to keep living despite the pain of losing someone.  It acts as a reminder that time doesn’t stand still for anyone and it will continue to pass despite you sometimes wishing time itself could just stop.   You want life to stop to give you time to process what has just happened, how you feel, how it affects you, and how everything will be different from here on.

I once attended a seminar regarding the subconscious.  As part of the seminar, one of us was chosen from the audience and asked to sit in a chair on the stage.  We were to think of an event that happened within the last 6 months.  Then, we were asked to close our eyes and imagine wherein our mind’s eye that event occurred.  Next, we were to hold out our hand and put it either in front of us, to the left or right, above or below.  The location depended upon our personal view of where time was stored in our minds.

Then we were to position the hand approximately the distance away from us that we felt the event occurred, as if a dot on a timeline.   After that, we were to imagine an event from several years ago.  Once again, we were to reach our hand out to that invisible timeline. Logic would dictate that the event from 6 months ago would be closer to us than our far past right?  That was not always the case.  If many events had occurred in the last 6 months, it may still be positioned far away from us.  Conversely, if we still dwell on our past of several years ago, we may position it closer to ourselves.

Memories and Emotions

I found it very interesting and telling how our subconscious retains memories in relation to the emotional impact and relativity to our current lives.  In other words, we essentially slow time down when we are deeply affected by something in our lives.  Life around us has gone on, but we slowed our own timeline and stopped moving with it.

Of course, the reverse is also true.  We can speed up our timeline by embracing events and changes in our lives, making even relatively recent events appear to have happened long ago.

Why is this important?   It goes to show the importance of staying in life as much as possible.  Time will drag if we stay in the past and we do not necessarily benefit from that.  When we alter our perception of time, we also alter our perception of reality.  If life stopped for you 10 years ago after the death of a loved one, then everything around you is still based on your knowledge, feelings, and beliefs from 10 years ago.  Information, people, events, and the world have moved 10 years ahead of you.

People are meant to move forward with time – to grow, change, and experience life.

Embracing changes in life

Unfortunately, the brain is averse to change.  Every time you feel uncomfortable about something new, that is your brain thinking it needs to protect you from something it does not know, which also means that once you do that “unknown” action repeatedly, your brain learns it is safe and will stop giving you that uncomfortable feeling.   This is why you can even become comfortable with negative circumstances that might currently make you feel miserable.

How can we learn to embrace change so our life can go on in a happy, healthy way?

1. Recognize when your brain is telling you something that isn’t the truth.

For example, you’ve told yourself that you want to start working out.  On the day you are about to start, suddenly your brain is flooding you with a bunch of excuses.  “You don’t have enough time, too many things to get done, you’re too tired, etc.”

Realistically, you can do a simple 30-minute workout and it won’t impact your day that much.  As a matter of fact, it has been proven that people are more productive and have more energy on days they exercise than on days they don’t.

life goes on

2. Focus on the positive in your life.

Oftentimes, we train ourselves to focus on the negatives regarding a change rather than the positives.  If you have decided to eat healthier, you can choose to focus on how much you miss the cheeseburgers and fries, or you can tell yourself how much more alert you feel after eating chicken with rice and vegetables.  You can tell yourself how much better your body feels having beneficial nutrition in it rather than processed ingredients.

This can also be reinforced by giving yourself something positive afterward.  Every time you eat a healthy meal, you can reward yourself with $5.00 toward the new wardrobe you are going to need.

3. Self-Talk or Affirmations.

Talk nicely to yourself.  Tell yourself something positive, such as, “I am going to finish this report today and it will be the best report my boss sees this month.”  It’s important that you don’t word it as, “I am not going to procrastinate doing this report.”  What the brain will focus on is “I am” and “procrastinate,” whereas in the first example, it will remember “I am” and “finish.”

4. Discipline your mind.

Meditation, prayer, and visualization have proven to strengthen the mind.  Forcing your mind to quiet down or focus on an image or desire creates a form of self-discipline which automatically teaches your brain to look for those triggers to achieve the level of happiness you felt when you thought of them.

pop meme

5. Do something a little different every day.

We mostly operate on routine.  We get up, stumble to the bathroom, brush our teeth, make coffee, and sit down first thing in the morning.  Change it up.  Maybe get up and jump in the shower first; or start the coffee pot and then go to the bathroom. Or, take a cold shower instead of a warm one.   Drive a different route to work or say hi to someone in the elevator that you don’t know instead of looking at your phone.  These are small changes that allowour brains to become accustomed to that uncomfortable feeling while breaking up our mindless routine.

6. Accept the change that occurred beyond your control.

A lot of people believe they need to control everything; when something happens beyond their control, they grow distraught.  They believe there must have been something they could’ve done to prevent it.  That is not always true.

You cannot and should not control everything. You can’t control your friends, children, or partner, for instance.  Yes, you can make them feel bad or guilt them into doing what you feel is best for them.  Yet, they may still go behind your back to do it anyway.

We try to teach our children to study and do their homework.  They may choose to not do it and fail a class.  There was nothing more you could do. It was their decision.  People are responsible for their own decisions.

Another example is if you were in a car accident.  You were driving the correct speed, looking at the road without any distractions but suddenly a car darted in front of your car and you hit it.  You were doing everything you could do to be a safe driver, yet it happened anyhow.

Things happen in life and there is only so much control we have.  The sooner you realistically accept that fact, the faster you can move on and accept changes that occur in your life.

pop memesFinal Thoughts: Think Positive, Things Will Get Better

Life goes on.  Regardless of how you choose to live your life, you will be affected by people and events in your life, whether they are good or bad. The more we train our brains to not fear change, the better we go on with our own lives and experience them to the fullest.


The Power of Music: 7 Benefits of Listening to Songs and Instrumentals

The Power of Music: 7 Benefits of Listening to Songs

The Power of Music: 7 Benefits of Listening to Songs and Instrumentals

Stress triggers are everywhere. Most Americans struggle to find a quiet place to ease their nerves during the hustle and bustle of each day.

The power of music is that it can drown out the unwanted anxiety. Many music therapy techniques can be applied to your daily routine to help you find balance.

Here are 7 benefits of listening to songs and instrumentals throughout your day.

7. Can Help Alzheimer’s Patients

Age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s are improved when patients try music therapy. Music works wonders in calming the mind and triggering old memories.

Reports of patients suddenly recalling lost information are common after music therapy. Caregivers of music therapy patients with Alzheimer’s are encouraged to create personalized playlists.

These playlists should include songs that are meaningful to the patient to help get an emotional response.

6. Reduces Depression in Elderly

Unfortunately, depression in the elderly is common. When suffering a disease, elderly people can fall into a depression that makes it harder for them to recover. 

Music is powerful because it brings with it memories of a life well lived. The elderly are more likely to recall all memories with fondness while experiencing depression because it takes their mind off disease. 

These memories brought about by songs and instrumentals help reduce depression in seniors. After a lifetime of music, they’re more likely to have a soundtrack to their past that makes them feel alive again. 

5. Reduces Schizophrenia Symptoms

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that affects less than one percent of the population. It causes chronic symptoms like hallucinations, disordered thinking, and behavior that won’t allow normal daily functioning. 

Music therapy has been proven to reduce schizophrenia symptoms. Doctors use music as a way to communicate concepts and feelings with patients.

Studies show that patients show improved social interactions after sessions with music. The power of music is that it allows them to experience concepts they couldn’t grasp through words alone. 

4. Therapeutic During Childbirth

Contractions during childbirth can be eased with the help of songs and instrumentals. Pregnant women should aim to create playlists with songs that have a history of easing their stress.

The right music helps to quieten your mind and regulate your breathing. This creating a healthier delivery for both mothers and babies.

Soft, quieter music is the best option in the delivery room as long as its loud enough to drown out sounds from elsewhere in the building. Soundproof headphones are also an option when looking for ways to drown out the noise and focus only on breathing through contractions. 

3. Loosens Tense Muscles

When your favorite song plays, your guard goes down. This is because music helps to loosen tense muscles.

It’s one of the best forms of stress relief because it replaces whatever you’re thinking with the lyrics to a song. Choose music with a positive message to stimulate you when you’re feeling stressed.

Lyrics that put you in a sour mood can have a reverse effect at the end of a hard day. The same goes for songs that bring on bad memories.

Have your favorite playlist at the ready when you leave work each day to get you ready for a good night’s rest. Allow your playlist to slow in tempo as the playlist progresses to begin slowing down your breathing to match the rhythm of the song. 

2. Improves Motor Function

Patients with Parkinson’s Disease use music to improve motor skills. Studies show patients moving faster and happier with music therapy.

Neurologists associate this increased motivation to move with muscle memory. People with Parkinson’s have to try hard to move during physical therapy just to get from one side of the room to the next.

The music played during therapy sessions took their mind off the details of walking and instead allowed them to focus on fun. Their muscles already had the memory of the mechanics of walking so it wasn’t hard to fall back into a familiar rhythm.

This trend is similar to an aging person’s ability to heal better when they’re happy than when they’re depressed. Good feelings encourage the body to do better.

1. Encourages Dancing

The number one benefit of listening to music is that it encourages dancing. Dancing is one of the best forms of stress relief, building bonds with other people and staying active. 

You might not be able to run a 10-minute mile, but most people can move on the dance floor for hours if given the right songs. Music takes you beyond your normal physical limitations giving you a dopamine rush like no other.

Popular fitness trends now include things like Zumba and Buti Yoga that teach you fun dance routines.

Dancing to music brings together friends, families, and strangers. While you’re out at a bar enjoying happy hour specials, the music you hear in the background can inspire you to make a love connection with the person next to you or start a conga line. 

The Power of Music

Most people think of music just as entertainment. It’s an exciting way to destress with the people around you with whether you know them or not.

But the power of music is that it doesn’t claim to be one thing. It’s healing, it’s fun and it transcends language. 

Use music for as many purposes as you want. It can improve your life on more levels than most other treatments money can buy. 

For more information and lifestyle tips, visit our blog for updates. 


Would Your Home Benefit from Solar Power?

Would Your Home Benefit from Solar Power?

There are many advantages to installing a home energy system in your home. The latest solar panel energy technology will not just save you money by cutting your electricity bill, but also contribute to a cleaner world.

By relying on the clean energy technology of solar panels, your family can look forward to reducing your electrical consumption and slashing your power bills.

A solar power system is designed to convert sunlight to energy. The main benefits of installing a solar system include:

  1. Reducing the cost of electricity
  2. Having a source of power to your home in the event of a power outage
  3. Reducing your carbon footprint
  4. Adding value to your property
  5. Receiving financial compensation for extra electricity going back into the power grid

How home solar energy systems work

Solar panels capture sunlight and converting this into Direct Current, or DC.

This Direct Current moves to an Inverter which converts the direct current it receives to Alternate Current or AC. This is electricity which can be used around the home.

solar cell system

Image source: istockphoto

Modern Inverters are created to get maximum energy production. Unlike older versions, the current generation of solar energy systems can continue to function even if one solar panel is not operating.

The AC (electricity) produced in an Inverter can be used to power home appliances and electronics such as the TV, computers, fridge and cooktops, lighting and air-conditioning and heating.

Today, slimline solar energy storage batteries are available. They make a smart choice for families who want to capitalise on their solar panel investment.

By using battery storage there is no wastage of excess electricity.

The electricity not used in your home is stored for later use. If the battery becomes full, excess power is sent back to your local power grid, and you are compensated at a set rate per kilowatt. And all the while, your solar panels continue to generate more electricity for your home to use.

Two Major Considerations

Interested in joining the millions of others that harness the natural power of the sun and use solar technology as a sustainable energy source in your home?

For everyone that makes a major purchase for their home, they must always balance the major considerations of cost versus quality. For every family, this will determine if installing a household solar power system is the right choice.

The Cost Issue

There is no doubt that installing a complete solar energy system is not cheap. And it is not something you should DIY. If you are building a new home, talk to your property developer about including a solar energy system as part of the design.

When done professionally, a high-quality solar system will add value to your property. But the cost of installation will be thousands.

To reduce this cost many governments, offer rebates. Installation companies also offer payment plans.

Do your research.

While these rebates or plans may not offset the cost of the installation immediately, an efficient solar panel system is definitely a cost-saving feature for your home.

Solar panels help homeowners save money immediately and in the long-term.

  • Immediately using a residential solar system will reduce the household power bill and avoid purchasing power from the local electricity grid.
  • In the long-term, having solar panels also protects the homeowner from rising electricity costs. It is also an added feature that will improve your property’s value.

The Quality

The cost of installing a home solar system is an issue for many families. As with most things in life, price dictates quality.

There is no doubt that choosing high power-output solar energy panels will create maximum energy output. Which means more electricity.

The energy technology industry moves fast. Always check that you are being sold the latest quality solar panels and that they comply with the current industry standards.

Remember, to create a high power-output solar energy system, you need high-performing solar energy products.

These are the key factors to consider when comparing solar panels:

  • Suitability for residential application
  • Energy yields
  • Stringent testing (including internal testing) for high-performance
  • Reliability
  • The durability of solar materials that will save on repair costs
  • Long warranty periods that offer peace of mind for repairs and replacement
  • Performance efficiency even in the shade
  • Weather resistance, especially if you live in an area prone to frost, sand or even hail
  • Suitability for your roof (i.e. sloping or non-sloping)
  • Materials used to build the panels

Weighing up the Value

Once you ascertain what solar panels are best suited to your home environment, it becomes a matter of weighing up the initial cost with any government rebates and your expected benefits.

Research is clear that by harvesting energy for the sun, a home solar energy system will save you money long-term and reduce reliance on the electricity grid. This and the environmental good you are doing the planet might also be a factor in your decision.

If you do decide to install a solar energy system, make sure you get the most out of your solar technology.

Talk to a local expert or your property developer for appropriate advice and correct installation.


The Power of Text: What Is SMS Marketing, and Is It For Your Business?

The Power of Text: What Is SMS Marketing, and Is

The Power of Text: What Is SMS Marketing, and Is It For Your Business?

Did you know that the open rate for SMS is nearly 98%?

Because SMS can offer such incredible open rates, it can be one of the best ways to reach your target audience. But if you want to use SMS to market your business, you may have doubts about where to begin.

You might be unsure of how to get the phone numbers for your campaigns. You may also worry about the kind of messages you should send people, once you have their phone number.

This post aims to provide you with some clarity on how SMS marketing works. Once you’ve read this post, you’ll be able to comfortably answer the question “What is SMS marketing?”

Let’s begin!

What Is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a means of marketing that’s based on you sending text messages to people. SMS (short message service) is just another way to describe a text message, and the two terms are interchangeable.

This method of marketing works well, as people carry phones with them everywhere they go. This then makes it easy for you to reach your target audience, no matter where they are. 

Additionally, a text message often demands more attention than an email. This is usually down to the fact that not many other companies are using SMS marketing to contact customers.

It’s also worth noting that the notification for a text message often differs to the notification for an email.

SMS notifications are often more audible and can cause the phone to vibrate, whereas emails might not allow for this to happen. Following this, SMS marketing can produce better levels of engagement. That’s because people will quickly check their phone, upon receiving a promotional text message. 

What Can You Do with SMS Marketing?

The way you use SMS marketing is going to depend on your business and the kinds of services you offer.

For an offline business, SMS marketing can be an incredible way to increase foot traffic.

You can use SMS marketing to notify customers of new products you might have in store. Once customers are aware of these new products, they may visit your store to see what is on offer.

You could even use SMS marketing as a means of distributing coupons.

For instance, if you own a pizzeria, you could use SMS to send people a coupon every weekend. In doing so, you may be able to increase the number of people that order a pizza from you, instead of a competitor.

Of course, the concepts mentioned above can also be applied to an online business too.

You can use SMS marketing to promote the release of a new product within your eCommerce store. Or you can use SMS marketing to generate sales, during certain events. An example might include promoting a coupon that’s associated with a particular time of year, such as valentines day.

Finding a Good SMS service

The SMS Marketing platform you use can have a big impact on deliverability rates and how much you can customize your campaigns. 

Ideally, you want to pick a service that caters to your needs.

So, if you deal with a business audience, it might be better to use a business text messaging service, rather than a generic one. Or, if you’re a restauranteur, try to find one that’s designed specifically for restaurant owners. 

By taking this step, your SMS marketing campaigns will be more effective, as the service will offer features that are a good fit for your needs. You can then use these features to create campaigns your target audience will resonate with.   

Building Your Contact List

Before you can run an SMS marketing campaign, you first need to get a list of phone numbers you can send messages to.

But you can’t just buy a list, as you need to acquire explicit consent before you send people SMS marketing messages. Failure to obtain consent may result in you breaking the law. 

One of the best ways to build your list of contacts is by getting people to send you a text message, so that they can join your list.

You might ask people to text a keyword to a specific phone number. Once people do this, they’ll be on your list and you can send them relevant marketing messages.

If you want to improve your odds of success, it’s essential you give people an incentive to join your list.

You can do this by providing people with a special offer, should they join your SMS list. So, if you own a restaurant, you might say that people can get 10% off their next order if they text “offer” to your designated SMS marketing number.

You can promote this incentive to your email list or even on your social media profile. 

How to Get Results with SMS Marketing

Though SMS marketing is relatively foolproof, you may struggle to see results if you ignore certain fundamentals.

You need to make sure you include a call to action in each of your marketing messages.

Though it might sound odd, a lot of people will just ignore your marketing if you don’t tell them what to do. Thus, whenever you send out a message, be sure to tell people what you have on offer and what people need to do if they want to benefit from this offer.

You also want to pay attention to the timing of your messages. If you’re trying to get people to order pizza, you’ll probably get better results by sending a message around 6 PM as opposed to 1 PM.

The Value of Experimentation

If your results with SMS marketing reach a plateau, it’s worth conducting some experiments to see how you can take things to the next level.

You could do this by sending out a range of different offers and then observing which one generates the most engagement.

You might even want to experiment with the time you send your messages. In doing so, you may be able to find a ‘sweet spot’ wherein you’re able to generate the most engagement.

If you’re struggling to come up with marketing experiments, consider taking a look at what your competitors are doing.

By signing up to their text message marketing lists, you may discover a range of tactics that’ll help improve your campaigns.

Of course, it’s worth noting that you can also learn from companies that aren’t your competitors. For instance, if you run a B2C company, it could still be a good idea to sign up to a B2B list.

By studying the tactics used in other industries, you may be able to uncover tactics that nobody else in your sector is using. If you use these tactics, you may experience great results, as your methods will be ‘cutting edge’ when compared to your competitors.

So – What Is SMS Marketing?

Now that you’ve read this post, you should find it easy to answer the question “what is SMS marketing?”

Like all forms of marketing, you’ll need to run many campaigns before you understand the ins and outs of SMS marketing. As you do this, you’ll understand how to get people to join your list and how you can write text messages that’ll generate a response.

SMS marketing isn’t easy, and so you’ll definitely hit some snags along the way. But if you keep going, it won’t be long before you start to wonder how you managed to make money without SMS Marketing. 

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Creating a Tenant Base: How to Boost the Power of Your Rental Advertising

Creating a Tenant Base: How to Boost the Power of

Creating a Tenant Base: How to Boost the Power of Your Rental Advertising

Did you know the digital advertising market is worth over $192 billion?

Are you having trouble finding new tenants with your rental ads? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go over some tips on rental advertising and help you find new renters.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out!

Rental Advertising: A Guide

Tenants searching for a new home need a place to find your information. They won’t know you’re renting unless through word of mouth. Let’s take a look at some different methods you can use to reach more people.

Use Social Media

Millions of people use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you have a rental company, consider creating a Facebook page or Twitter account.

If not, you can use your own personal accounts to let people know you have a spot available for rent.

Use Rental Sites

A site like Craigslist is helpful because you can post free rental listings. They are visible to anyone who’s looking for an apartment in your area.

Potential tenants can narrow their search criteria based on specific factors. They can search based on the number of rooms or the rental price.

Use Your Newspaper

Some tenants look for potential rental places in a newspaper. Advertise your opening on the weekend. More people will read the paper on the weekend and see your rental.

Rental ads are small. Make sure you use the proper abbreviations to save space. An ad in a newspaper costs a bit, but you’ll have increased exposure to your property.

Post Flyers Throughout Your Community

Putting up signs or flyers about your rental will help get the word out. You could place notices in laundromats, bus stops, grocery stores, and colleges.

People will pass the flyer if it’s not bright. Add in some photographs and bold headlines to catch their attention. Include a tear-off at the bottom with your contact information.

Word of Mouth Works

Let your current tenants know that you have a vacancy. They might know a friend or relative who is looking for a new place to live.

Tell your own family and friends. They will pass it on to their private network. For greater inventive, consider offering a referral fee.

Use a Rental Sign

Tape one of these signs onto the window of your building. For anyone passing by, they might take down your telephone number or tell a friend. Make sure the number is easy to see from the street.

Get a High-Quality Website

Get a quality website to advertise your rentals. A site is a great spot to share all the essential information about your property. Keep it simple and easy to navigate.

Make sure you take quality photos of your property to showcase on your site. If you want help, get property management marketing here.

Want to Learn More?

We hope you found this article on rental advertising insightful. Let your personal network know about your vacancy through social media.

Want to learn more? Check out how to get more social media followers.


Power Up Your WordPress Site: 5 Optimization Steps You Can’t Ignore

Power Up Your WordPress Site: 5 Optimization Steps You Can't

Power Up Your WordPress Site: 5 Optimization Steps You Can’t Ignore

40% of people won’t visit a website if it takes longer than three seconds to finish loading. When you’re running a website, you can’t afford to lose that much traffic.

If you find that your website is sluggish, there are many ways to solve that issue. Here are five optimization steps you should take to improve your WordPress site’s performance: 

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Plugins

Plugins help you run your site, but some can affect your site’s speed. Don’t worry if you think you have too many plugins installed–the amount you have barely affect your site’s speed. It’s the type of plugins you have that can slow your site down. 

You should always read the reviews and information about each plugin before you install them. Poorly made plugins with low stars and bad reviews will likely end up bogging down your site. If you find any of these plugins installed on your WordPress, it’s time to remove them. 

Don’t forget to ensure that your plugins are all updated for the most recent WordPress version so you can have the fastest speeds available. 

2. Get a Faster Theme

When learning how to optimize a website, you can’t skip over the importance of a fast theme. Large themes with tons of customization options might seem ideal, but they end up making your browser load at a snail’s pace. 

You don’t have to spend tons of money to get a fast theme. Using a free theme like WordPress’ Optimizer Theme, or choosing one of our speedy themes can make your website run much better. 

3. Use Caching

Having a lot of content on your WordPress page can make your website load slow. In order to fix this problem, install a WordPress performance plugin like W3 Total Cache. 

This type of plugin maintains your pages as static HTML files. In other words, it’ll shrink files sizes, which makes your site faster. 

4. Shrink Images

You know the importance of a link building strategy for SEO, but have you ever thought about how the size of your images affects your rank? Larger images result in slower load times. Make sure that your images are between 500-600 pixels for the best speeds. 

It can also be helpful to use lazy loading–no, it doesn’t mean that images will load even slower. It just means that your images will only load when it becomes visible to the user. Instead of your website taking the time to load all the images at once, it will be able to load faster upon opening. 

5. Use a Reliable Host

You can’t expect your website to load quickly if your web host has a mediocre server. Your WordPress performance can be affected by your host depending on how speedy their services are. A good host will have reliably fast load times that won’t leave your visitors waiting. 

Applying These Optimization Steps

By following these optimization steps, your visitors won’t be stuck staring at a loading screen. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about your website slowing down when encountering a large amount of traffic or when you decide to upload more pictures. 

If you find that your web host is just too slow, check out the reliable hosting services that we can provide for your WordPress site.