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These 18 Teachers Who Know the Right Approach For Their Students


There are all kinds of teachers out there, those that you like working with, and then there are those that are just out to get you. Some teachers know how to have fun with their classes but there are some teachers that take crazy to a new level, well these teachers know exactly what to do to make their classes worth taking.

18. The teacher that draws dead kittens if you talk in his class:

Image credit: Pikabu

Who wants to see dead kittens? It is against our humanity and this teacher here knows how to use that to his advantage. We doubt anyone would want to be talking in his class!

17. A chemistry teacher decorates a chemistry tree:

Image credits: Reddit

This teacher has an odd taste of decor! Apparently, his students needed some motivation to study for their chemistry midterms on the winter break and so he took to making a “Chemistree”.

16. The Mexican teacher and her Donald trump get up:

Image credits: Reddit

This teacher brought a wall and a Donald Trump wig to her school, the kids wanted nothing more to carry it around, we can almost see the teacher screaming, “You shall not pass!”

15. This is what they learn at their colleges’ faculty for medicine:

Image credit: Pikabu

Now, this teacher knows what the important things in life are! A few kisses and hot chocolate, who won’t feel better?

14. A Halloween show makes any chemistry class worth it:

Image credits: Reddit

This teacher is keeping her students interested with an amazing Halloween fire show, there isn’t anything as cool as that is there? We’d love to watch something like that in school.

13. This teacher draws cartoons on the board to keep his class in check:

Image Credits: Reddit

We don’t think anyone will dare to cheat after this teacher has the entire Winnie the Pooh cast taking care of the invigilation for him!

12. This teacher was a minion for 50 minutes:

Image credits: Reddit

Who doesn’t want to attend a lecture from a minion, no one can ignore this teacher, and no student is going to forget the lecture this guy is delivering.

11. This kid damaged his chemistry paper and the teacher drew this:

Image credit: Reddit

This math teacher doesn’t like to waste these conveniently made tears in papers, in-fact he’s found time to draw this amazing duck.

10. This teacher has found an amazing method to deal with students who don’t return calculators:

Image credit: imgur

Students usually end up keeping things, like calculators, well this teacher has an excellent solution to this problem in his class!

9. This teacher got tired of standing around so he decided to lay around:

Image credits: imgur

This teacher knows that chilling out is important too, so he’s keeping it easy and letting the learning process flow.

8. This rad physics teacher isn’t scared to try something new:

image credits: Reddit

This teacher isn’t afraid to change up his style as he grades his papers, who says a physics teacher can’t a have a little spring in his step?

7. This teacher knows the right way to take care of pesky insects:

image credits: imgur

This class had a single bee in the room, this teacher wasn’t going to let it slide away and ruin his class.

This Is The Best Way To Build Self Confidence According To Famous Celebrities 6. This teacher makes a masterpiece on his chalkboard every day:

image credits: Reddit

This teacher refuses to teach in any classroom that doesn’t have chalk or a chalkboard and he draws a new masterpiece each day before he starts his lecture.

5. This teacher knows how to make his students dive into history:

Image credits: Reddit

This teacher turned up to school in a full suit of armor, who wouldn’t want to attend a history lesson from a knight?

4. This teacher is an expert in geography:

Image credit: imgur

This teacher decided his class needed a map, so he drew one to show the class what an expert he was!

3. This teacher decided to wait for his student as she smoked in the washroom:

image credits: Reddit

The student is in for a surprise when she comes out!

2. This teacher is shocked by his students Physics results:

image credit: oddee

This teacher just doesn’t get why his student doesn’t like his class.

1. This teacher has the best poker face:

This teacher put on an Iron Man mask as he graded his papers so his students wouldn’t be able to guess their marks!

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