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Remove, Reduce, Inform:That’s Facebook’s Strategy to Make it’s Content Controversy Free


Facebook has a made a few recent changes in its policies and has a new approach towards new content and fake news that is spreading through social media.

They have been working with the Reduce, Remove and Inform strategy.

Through their remove policy they are removing people who are violating their policies, through their reduce policy they are removing disturbing and policy breaking content and through their Inform strategy they are helping people better understand what they are clicking, reading or sharing.

Facebook has always been active in removing content that does not work well with its policies.

However, recently, after the large amount of fake news that has been spreading through social media and particularly the facebook family, the VP of integrity at Facebook, Guy Rosen and the Head of News Feed Integrity, Tessa Lyons held a press conference to discuss the social media outlets new policies.


Through their remove policy they have started a new platform where people can check the latest updates for the rules and regulations for the people and content of the Facebook community.

Similarly, they have also created an enforcement policy for Facebook groups and have released a new feature to keep Facebook group high quality.


Through their reduce policy they have started removing more fake news from Facebook using outside experts.

Moreover, they are also having the associative press review content on facebook as third party fact checkers and they are reducing the reach of Facebook groups who are known to spread false news.


Finally in order to better inform people, they are expanding the news feed content so that it may include images.

Moreover, their English and Spanish news has a trust signal now that will indicate how trustworthy the news they are viewing is.

They have also launched a brand new forward indicator button on messenger that allows the user to stop toxic and fake content from spreading to the community.

What does this mean for the Facebook Community?

This new and active policy implemented by Facebook is a step forward towards a controversy free Facebook family.

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