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Tips for deep cleaning your car interiors



When it comes to deep cleaning a car’s interior, most drivers don’t know where to begin. While you can vacuum the floors, wipe down surfaces, and clean the windows, most Americans spend between $50 and $150 for basic car detailing. If you’re looking to save that extra cash, then here are some tips for deep cleaning your car’s interior. 

Under the Hood

This part of your car is one most people skip when cleaning out of fear. How do you know you won’t damage something, right? Cleaning parts under the hood is a lot easier than most people think. All you need to do is cover your air intake, alternator, and any exposed filters with plastic bags. 

From there, use a degreasing product to start lifting set-in dirt from your engine parts. You can use towels and brushes to remove the dirt once the product settles. Be gentle, only using enough force to remove scum and debris. 

Keeping the parts under your hood clean is an excellent accident prevention technique. As oils build on your engine’s surfaces, they can degrade several parts from hoses to belts and more. A clean engine also makes it easier to identify damages in an auto accident case

In the Cabin

For the interior of your car that you would normally clean, there’s more to be done than the usual once over. You need to shake out the floor mats, clean out the garbage, and vacuum the carpet and seats as always. However, deep cleaning requires making every surface shine.

You can use compressed air to blow dirt out of those impossibly difficult spaces, using a vacuum to remove it afterward. Tiny brushes and Q-tips are useful for cleaning small crevices, while smaller vacuum attachments can reach tighter spots. 

Restoring Headlights

Over time, headlights begin to cloud up from oxidization. This decreases your visibility at night, creating a dangerous situation. Ask a Denver car accident attorney how important nighttime visibility is in relation to safety. Thankfully, there are plenty of headlight restoration kits on the market to help make yours sparkle. 

The Wheels

Brake dust can quickly erode your wheels, racking up a hefty bill for replacements. You can clean yours by spraying them down with cold water, then using a non-acidic cleaner to remove any trace of dirt. Don’t let the solution dry, though. Spray it off after a few minutes. 

You can also use a soft-bristle brush to remove dirt from the wheel’s lug nuts. After you’re done, use a metal polish for a sleek shine. Then, give your wheels a coat of wax to make them as good as new. To complete the process, use a tire dressing to finish off the look. 

Deep Cleaning Glass

For spotless windows, start by cleaning them off with a clay bar to remove set-in dirt. Next, use an ammonia-free glass cleaner and a microfiber towel, being careful to not leave any streaks behind. Roll the windows down to clean the top edge, too. With a little Mr. Miyagi magic (wax on, wax off motions), your windows will look pristine. 


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