‘The Voice’: Season 13 Has Its Top 12


‘The Voice’: Season 13 Has Its Top 12

From left: Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus of 'The Voice'

Miley Cyrus had to cut her team in half on Wednesday night.

On the final night of NBC's The Voice season 13’s Playoffs, Miley Cyrus’ six remaining artists — including her comeback artist — performed for a chance to make it into the top 12.

Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine already selected their artists for the top 12 earlier this week, including Shi’ann Jones, Davon Fleming, Noah Mac, Keisha Renee, Red Marlow, Chloe Kohanski, Addison Agen, Jon Mero and Adam Cunningham. At the end of the night, Cyrus was faced with having to cut her team in half, too.

First up was Brooke Simpson singing “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World" by James Brown. Cyrus encouraged her to really start showing her personality, and Simpson delivered. It was a great song choice for her, showcasing her bold and gritty voice. Levine likened her to Hudson and former Voice coach Christina Aguilera.

Team Miley’s comeback artist Karli Webster was up next. She sang “Coat of Many Colors” by Cyrus’ godmother Dolly Parton. Webster tapped into her classic country sound and gave a charming performance. She sounded a lot like Parton herself. Cyrus praised her vintage sound.

Adam Pearce, the only male artist on Team Miley this season, followed with a performance of the classic “Love Hurts." Cyrus stole him from Team Adam, and Levine said he misses him. It was a solid performance, and the high notes were impressive.

Ashland Craft sang “When I Think About Cheatin’” by Gretchen Wilson, showcasing her pop-country potential. She put a good amount of grit behind her vocal, delivering an emotional and captivating performance. Cyrus coached Craft well, boosting her confidence about the higher parts and giving her a great song to sing. Shelton lamented that Craft isn’t on his team.

Team Miley’s young rocker Moriah Formica followed, singing “World Without You” by Beth Hart. She made the song her own and gave a well-rounded, confident performance. It was one of the most impressive of the night, but Cyrus said she still wanted more toughness from her.

The last artist of the night was Janice Freeman. She sang “Fall for You” by Leela James, and it was another great song choice. Freeman is an experienced and intuitive singer who has a strong sense of who she wants to be as an artist, and all of those strengths were on display in her emotional and vocally impressive performance.

Cyrus then had to make a tough decision, choosing three artists to advance to the top 12 and three to eliminate. She advanced Freeman, Simpson and Craft, who will be joining the other nine artists from Team Blake, Team Jennifer and Team Adam in the Lives next week.

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